At the belfry of Bongeunsa

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I could see the roof of Korean belfry in front of Panjeon, where woodblock for Buddhist scriptures was kept.
The most beautiful part of traditional Korean buildings is the roof.
The angle of the roofline is similar to that of the Korean mountains, so Korea's mountains and buildings are in harmony.

However, it is difficult to see roofs in the temple.
Usually, I have to go to a higher place to see roofs.
In front of Panjeon in Bongeunsa, It was possible to see the roof of the belfry.
The roof of the Jonggak building was not so big that I could not feel the beauty of the roof lines.


However, the modern building behind the belfry made me feel the harmony between present and past.
While looking at the modern skyscrapers over the roof of the belfry, it felt like I was doing time travel.


I went along the road on the right to go to the belfry.
The belfry seemed old, so I guessed the bell inside of it was old either.



The decoration under the eaves was a piece of art.
There was a small fence to keep it safe.
When I looked at the bell closely, it wasn’t as old as I assumed.
It was difficult to take a picture of the bell from the outside of the fence.




The relief of the bell had the same pattern as the bell, made a thousand years ago in Silla dynasty.
I could know from the text engraved on the bell that this bell was made a few decades ago.

I wondered why belfry was built for the newly made bell.
Maybe the bell might have special story even though it did not have a long history.
The accumulation of the stories makes history.
Each of us is accumulating stories day by day


There was a tea cafe a little further from the belfry.
A little further from the belfry, there was a tea cafe run by the temple.
I bought a cup of tea and sat on the terrace.
I just watched the sky, the clouds, and people passing by. There is nothing eternal in the world. The sky, clouds, and person change every moment.

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An interesting post, @slowwalker - seeing the past in terms of the present and then the past in terms of the eternal.

The slope of the temple roof mirrors the mountains but the modern buildings point skyward as the decorative sculpture at the peak.

Everything changes as the ancient Greeks wrote - all is flux. Heraclitus, one of their wise philosophers said, you can't step into the same river twice.

Taking tea and watching the clouds and people passing by puts one in a reflective and meditative mood - the perfect mental state for contemplating the significance of change.

Have a good day, my friend :)

Thank you @johnjgeddes for your insightful comment. I'm always inspired! Have a nice day :)

you're welcome. @slowwalker

good photography, have fun, my best friend

Thank you, friend! Have a great day :)

The actual part of the temple was very carefully designed and it was really nice to see the pictures.!

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Thank you! The temple was beautifully built!


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Nice photography with your traditional things.

Thank you :)

May be this architecture made by wood...overall nice.thanks for represent.

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Yes! It was built of wood!

These are beautiful! I would love to see this incredible eastern architecture in person one day. Judging by your looks like you are staying very active and enjoying life. Be well!

Thank you so much! Have a nice day :)

@tipu curate

The harmony between the old and the modern, an interesting perspective that tells us a lot about the spirit of his people.

I share in part your appreciation of the change. People, clouds and the sky may seem to change at every moment, but that is an apparent change, I think they are expressions of the cycles in which the true reality lies. We only perceive small fractions of that reality of which we are integral parts. Fabulous and wonderful. Every day I thank God for being here and being aware of his creation, although I will never be able to fully understand it.

An excellent work that you are developing on the dissemination of the traditional arts of your culture!

As you mentioned, we can only see a small part of reality. We cannot recognize it, but many things in the world are connected. In Buddhism, all of us are part of an integrated circle.

Thank you for your comment! Have a nice day :)

Beautiful photography

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Thank you so much!

@slowwalker, Yeah....roof of Korean belfry in front of Panjeon so impressive. I can understand why Korean's roof style and mountains combined similarly. Under the roof of belfry amazing wooden carvings. Especially more dragon designs. I know why dragon's very closer to Korean's Buddhism through your past explanation. It's difficult to take capture of the bell with gate. But your effort highly appreciated. The bell had various designs. Keep tea cafe perfect for be relaxation. Gorgeous photo shots.

Thank you always! Have a nice day :)

Your mentioned last line is very much true and practical. These things change dramatically. Thanks for the nice historical presentation. All the pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you :)

I love your posting

Thank you :)

I gave vote and resteem it

Thank you :)

Old is always the real gold to discover and same in this place too beautiful to see some of that place !

Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Finally you made few pictures of roof, I love traditional Korean roof with their tiles, actually seeing previous pictures I thought that they are differently built but it is nice to see the details now. Not only the top but under the roof the whole fine wood work is precious, once again we see how the colors became pale with time but the carved decoration of dragon still easy to recognize.

The pattern on a bell look beautiful and really you can miss it if not come closer.

Your last picture is my favorite, you were lucky to have such shadows of tree on the building of tea houses :)

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Thank you so much! :)

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Thank you :)

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