Is diet coke better than regular coke ???

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Is diet coke better than regular coke ???

The first thing is any packed drink is not good for health, let it be fruit juice or soda or any flavored drink.

But still if you have to choose one, then would it be diet soda ???

As advertised, diet Coke has zero sugar in it, but how it give the feels of sweetness ? Cause they are sweetened with aspartame.

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Aspartame is one of the most researched substances, that may even lead to death and cancer.

Aspartame is a kind of protein, which is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, Yes you heard it right. This is how a less than a gram of this artificial sweetener per can, makes the diet coke that much sweeter.

Diet coke is every thing same as normal coke with addition of Aspartame.

There is some evidence that,sweetness cravings increase after consuming aspartame. It has the same bad effect on insulin level as normal coke.

There is also misconception that, diet coke will help to reduce weight or at least after taking diet coke, you won't gain those extra weight.

But its a myth, after all its a carbonated water with an artificial sweetener, which is even worst than sugar.


Many loves Diet Coke but didn't know it uses an artificial sugar that can be harmful to health. But I want to share a new substitute for sugar for today and that is stevia and this has no side effects actually. Stevia came from a plant that's why it is natural and you can benefit from this. That's why, instead of using artificial sugar, we can replace it with stevia this time.