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Hi steemians Few days ago I was talking about a token I found on newdex and steem-engine Overall, a certain level of technical knowledge is required to start using cryptocurrencies. Such knowledge may not even be present in millennials so it will be even more difficult for earlier generations to use cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, a mindset shift is required. People have to start to doubt centralized custodians and start to take more responsibilities of their own money. All these, in my opinion, make it difficult to cryptos to be used for payments, at this point, the best use for crypto is as a store of value and i see challenge Dac providing that value in time to its users and it tends to push them in trying out new things and task.

Comparing the today price and that of 4 days ago CHL has dropped in price as well as in volume so with other major cryptocurrency in the market due to sell pressure by the BEARS pushing down the price of every crypto currency in the market down. CHL was trading at about 0.0000275 EOS/CHL 6 Days ago when I saw it but now it's trading at 0.0000161 losing above 50% in valued and I thing it's also a good time of scope some CHL while the price is still reasonable low.

Disclaimer: Before investing in crypto currency do a deligent research before investing in any project am not a financial adviser seek the services of one of you need one.

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