So where did you get your start ?

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Well I got that question last night on twitter and the answer was to long for twitter so I told them I would answer them in a

blog post today. @jongolson says I need to blog more on ctp so here we are.

It all started in 1991 when this guy came into my brick and motor store and asked if he could put up a poster to advertise

his (BBS) and I kinda gave him a strange look so he explained that a BBS is short term for bulletin board service.

He offered to give me free advertising on his BBS in exchange so I said sure. I started advertising my store on his system

and got great results so I then bought some advertising from him and he asked if I would be interested in selling

monthly memberships, and or time on his system. I did that for about 6 months learning more and more about his

system. Long story but the short form I became the co-sysop of the system.

Then along came the internet in 1993 and you could tel net out of the BBS to get to the internet. We shut down

the BBS in 1995 after a hack job costs us thousand on dollars on long distance bills from which we could never

recover from as most people just wanted the internet by then.

By this time I had put my products from my store online and was selling more online than I was in

my brick and motor store. I bought my first domain back in 1996 and then added 2 more in 1999.

Back then affiliate marketing was just getting started on the internet and well we will leave it there for today and

I will tell you more next time. I do not want to bore you to sleep.

Have a great day


Great story, Eric! Nice to see you posting in our tribe... I'm waiting for the second part tomorrow... :)

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Oh I remember BBS days. Ran my own with the good ole. C64.

we had a 25 line one kept us busy for sure, but lots of fun

I love this! Great story & I am so proud of you for taking that step outside of the comfort zone. Woo hoo!!!

Glad you like in either part 2 or 3 of this post you will find it is not out of my comfort zone, just been lazy for awhile lol here is a tease I used to do online live training meetings twice a week for 5 years

Very interesting, Eric! I remember a friend showing me the Internet back in '93 or so and telling me you could use it to look up company "websites" on a "browser" with a "mouse" if you had a "modem" and once he'd set everything up it would take a while for a boring site to appear. I'd scratch my head and wonder what the point of it all was! LOL!

Looking forward to reading Part Two!