Open letter to my youngest daughter | I'm so proud of you!!

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Today I was overthinking the past year

And I couldn't help but think that you have done so well in the past year. Even though you were ill quite a few times, you managed to stay positive and still want to learn new things every day. It must be hard going to the nursery with teachers and classmates that speak Hungarian while you speak English, but you are doing it anyway. At first, I was afraid you wouldn't handle it well but after a few weeks, things started to improve significantly. Suddenly you stopped crying when I brought you, just a kiss, hug and wave goodbye was good enough. That made me so proud!

The mothers day gift you made me in 2019

Together with your father, you were crafting something top secret for an afternoon. I wasn't allowed in the kitchen while you two were crafting. It was super funny to hear you giggle and having fun crafting with your father. That was quality time with your dad! Together you had decorated a shoebox. I was surprised by your dad's creativity (lol), of course, I knew you had it in you as you are my child. ;-)

It became clear to me that you loved your creation so much, that you actually preferred using it yourself. Numerous times I caught you with that box that you had just pulled out of the drawer hoping that I wouldn't notice. I explained to you that I wanted to keep that box and we had to be careful with it so it wouldn't get damaged. A few days ago, you outsmarted me (again) and this time you had drawn some things on it. I didn't really look at what you created though, it was not until your father noticed that you had tried to write the letters on the box.

orignal van vs daughter van.jpg

It says "Van" which means "From" in Dutch. I won't show the complete box as your name is written on the box. But take it from me that I'm super proud of you! I'm honestly quite sure your writing and practicing copying the letters will improve in a fast pass like everything you try to learn. Well done, sweetheart!

Today it was your first long day at the nursery

While other children get picked up at 5 PM, I chose not to let you stay that long, as it's not needed (yet). I assumed it would be a big enough change when you have to take a mandatory nap while you have decided you don't need them a long time ago. But we practiced to rest, not sleep if you don't want to or if you aren't tired. I kept repeating the routing that was going to take place from today and that there was no need to cry as you could just lay down and think about happy things. I have to admit, I was nervous that I would get a phonecall 2 hours early that I should pick you up.

Luckily, that never happened. When I arrived at your school and opened the door of your classroom, the teacher said "Szuper!!!!!" with a proud smile! You know, that teacher that you seem to love but hate as well. Or maybe it's just a silly game between the two of you but in the morning you don't want her to talk to you, while in the afternoon when you go home you even give hand kisses to her. Either way, she was visibly proud and even let the English speaking intern tell me how it all went and I was surprised to hear that you even ate something in the morning. Well done!!

You rock girl!

Te Quiero Mucho <3

~Proud Mommy


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What a sweet letter. I hope she will read it later when she is able to read fluently. God bless your family.

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