DASH OUT SUNDAYS WEEK #7 THE FINAL? 😳 Prize 🤙🏾( 6 HBD + 1,600 JAHM )

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Happy Sunday!
Waahgwaan in your neck of the globe?

Today I have decided to end the DASH OUT SUNDAY contest 😞.

😃But.... #DashoutSunday will still continue. You see, at the moment I am trying to build a culture for Reggaejahm and Dash Out Sundays will be part of that culture.

Instead of a contest it will be something you can take part in every Sunday/Monday. This way we can get a good mix of content on the feed. ( 😏 food posts are one of the easiest to get voted by curation projects and also Reggaejham is now in the OCD Community incubation Initiative). Next I will start a "New tune contest" inline with building the ReggaeJAHM culture. There is nothing I love more than discovering new Reggae songs and this will hopefully motivate others to seek out new Reggae music from around the globe. It is something I feel is missing from the feed.

On Sundays/Mondays you can create your #dashoutsunday posts in Reggaejahm and the food doesn't have to relate to the Caribbean. On other days food posts are always welcome but they should relate to the Caribbean, Reggae or Ital/vegan living in some way.

My Dash Out Sunday

Today I made some oven fried chicken. I seasoned it with garlic, soy sauce and black pepper and made it sit a bit, then I covered the chicken in corn starch and popped it in the oven with a little olive oil. Much healthier than stove fried and just as tasty...maybe even tastier.

I also made a avocado ( peer ) kinda salsa salad with tomatoes and olive oil. We had that with toasted french bread, no pics of that 😅 but believe me, the go really well together, especially if you put some garlic butter on the toasted bread 😌.

For the salad we had some “green lettuce” ( that’s what the package said) with some nuts on the top with olive oil and that pink salt ( Himalayan Salt? ). Yup, olive oil is a must have in my house. We also had some left over Costco seafood pizza we had in the freezer from Friday night. The only thing missing was the rice & peas and sour sop juice.😆. All in all it was a good Sunday with good food:)

And now on to last weeks winners



Last week we had 3 fabulous entries.
Be sure to tell your friends about this, the final contest version of DASH Out Sunday and that it will be an ongoing tag here on Reggaejahm instead.

The prize for the final contest version of #dashOutSunday will be 6 HBD and it will be shared amongst the top 3 Dash outs in the ratio 3:2:1 along with 1,600 JAHM tokens in the ratio 7.5 / 5 / 3.5.


And the winner from the last Dash Out is...


And the winner is.... @sreypov with her Ital dessert called Num Banh Januk (Khmer Glutinous Rice Ball Dessert). Now this is the first dessert I have seen in Dash out Sunday, and though it is not a dinner, sweets are a big part of the Sunday meal. But this is the type of desert you can eat and not feel guilty after. The coconut milk and beans is what did it for me, I can just imagine the taste, how easy it is to digest and the satisfying feeling after eating it.


@sreypov walks away with 3 HBD and 750 JAHM. Congrats!
Screen Shot 20200927 at 5.59.48 PM.png

Screen Shot 20200927 at 5.56.45 PM.png


Honourable mentions

Big ups to @rarej and @yurilaya for their entries. One thing that is always hard about doing these contests is choosing the winner(s). You guys walk away with 500 JAHM each for your yummy entries. Grateful that you guys took the time to participate. @yurilaya had a beef stew with carrots and potatoes along with plantains on the side, it looked kinda curry-ish to me. This is my kinda dinner, she could cook for me any day. @rarej had a traditional dish from surname called "Her' Heri" which contained earthly foods.... potato’s, yams, plantains and more. It also had a greens sautéed with salt fish as the yum that brought it all together. All in all some very delicious eats in this dash out.
Screen Shot 20200927 at 5.55.52 PM.png

Screen Shot 20200927 at 5.54.46 PM.png



🏆 And now on to week 7 and the final contest version of #dashOutSunday 🏆

Welcome to the final Dash Out Sunday Contest.

Dash out means to show or throw out. Below is a short background of the idea of the contest, 😀

In Jamaican and Caribbean culture, Sunday dinner is the most looked forward to and probably the most extravagant of the week. (Hmmm, but that’s probably Sunday dinner in any country right?) Dishes such as stew chicken with rice and peas, curry goat, oxtail just to name a few, delight many after their church service. ( well, those who do go to church).

With this simple contest I'd like to invite Hivers from all corners of the block to share a pic of their Sunday or Saturday dinner with us in the @reggaejahm community. It doesn't have to be Jamaican or Caribbean food but just made by you or a family member with love. Food brings the people together and while we can't physically taste what the food is like, we can see it and imagine.

Through this contest I hope to get a little more engagement within the community and also attract those outside of the community to Reggaejahm.




  • Post a pic of your Sunday or Saturday dinner in the comments below. Original photos only. They are watching👹.

  • If you bought food you can post a pic and get some votes but it won’t stand a chance of winning. The dinner must be prepared by you or a loved one to be eligible to win.

  • Tell us a little about the dish in a few sentences and anything else you'd like to add.

  • Re-blog and upvote this post.

Feel free to make a complete post about your “Dash out Sunday” dinner in the Reggaejahm community or on Reggaejahm.com. You can also use the tag #jahm from any HIVE Interface. Making a post is not mandatory.




  • There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for the final contest version of this initiative. 🥇1st place 3 HBD + 750 JAHM, 🥈 2nd place 2 HBD + 500 JAHM and🥉3rd place 1 HBD + 350 JAHM.

  • Upvotes will be given to all participants based on the community, AKA please vote other peoples’ dinner pics 😂 . I’ll also be giving out some JAHM Up votes and using the @reggaejahm account to give some HIVE votes.

  • Contest ends in 3 days Japan time, but the winner will be announced when this post pays out.The winner will be chosen by me based on food presentation and yum factor.

    Good luck! And let’s “Dash Out” those dinners!

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  • Dear @dmilliz, it's a shame it's the last week. I really liked participating!
    To close I bring you a typical dish from Venezuela the famous Pabellon Criollo
    Composed of black beans, white rice, shredded meat and slices of banana.

  • The Pabellon is a typical dish of my country and depending on the region they add sugar to the beans, I don't like them with sugar.


I want a plate from that pabellón je je je

@josevast217 todavía me queda en la nevera puedes venir jajaja

Voy y vengo, rapidito, estoy cerquita 😅

Looking very good. Yeah I wouldn't add sugar to the beans either. Here I see may of m Brazilian friends eat something similar.

Well the contest is over, but feel free to post a dash out Sunday post in reggaejahm, as you know on this blockchain food posts gets peoples attention. Would love to see you make a #dashoutSunday post now and then showing us how you create these meals, trust me, those posts really do get rewarded.

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Thank you very much for the invitation! Greetings!

@tipu curate
Good conest and good promo reggaejahm

Respect bro! I really appreciate yah!

Looks yummy and yes in the oven is way healthier.
Congrats to the winner! 👍

Thanks! It's so good 😊 I could eat it daily.

Today I have decided to end the DASH OUT SUNDAY contest 😞.

I was sad when I read the first sentence that the contest was ending, and was already suggesting in my head that it could be a continued part of the culture like #APART and then I saw you saying the same thing in the part right after that. 😅I'm the kind of person that usually needs a reason to post food pictures, so I will definitely keep using #DashOutSundays.

Love the chicken. Some hot sauce would go well with that. 😎 The presentation of all 3 of your plates is superb. Especially that avocado looks like something I would dive in like Scrooge McDuck.

Congrats on the win @sreypov. Coconut milk enhances just about any kind of food. And I could take an example for eating more healthy desserts. 🙃

Yeah, it wasn't an easy decision but I really do want to put some focus on the reggae side of things. And I think Dash out Sundays being part of the culture will help balance things out. It is kinda like the #sublimesunday tag, people just do it on a Sunday.

That chicken was great...lol yeah the hot sauce, I actually have some peppers in my fridge I got from a friend, red habaneros, its kinda like scotch bonnet I believe but slightly different. HAHAHA you gotta try the avocado, its the bomb with the toast...hmmmmm would make a good breakfast come to think of it.

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Do your thing man. Looking forward to the new concept.

Chopping those habaneros really fine with garlic would go great on that chicken, doesn't even have to be in sauce form. Avocado season is almost over here unfortunately, but I already sprouted 3 of the seeds, so in about 4 to 5 years I'll have my own. 😎

Hello @dmilliz, thank you very much for taking me into account and choosing my dish for the honorable meal, I will gladly cook you lol

It was looking really good. HAHAHA Thanks, I would love to taste you cookingz. Be sure to enter the last contest version of DASH Out, it is the last week before it becomes a free to use tag on Sundays.


Congratulations @sreypov
@dmilliz you made it Yum!
Touch of garlic :)
touch of green :)
Makes it special

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Simple but delicious dude! Who knows when another cooking like that will come from these hands.

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You have just been bro-fisted by the guys in the man cave and now have 1 more BRO. Enjoy!**

For more info, please give us a look in here: https://discord.gg/qd8J2x3

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