Bros before hoes? Awwww Reallyyyyyy? How lame some ppl are ... I can't even wrap my mind around it

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In the moment you give proof to the creeps that you are well off with money - the envy kicks in. It happened to me this morning and I couldn't believe it.

I don't even want to talk about it, but I can't sleep on it. I don't want to. What for!

I struggled for years and now when I am OK, I want to enjoy it and do something nice, for somebody, for people who supported me.

Aw, dude! How wrong I was. I guess that is the reason why gurus think only a handful of humans will go into the full Ascension and the rest will be sacrificed under the Tree. I just somehow hoped the numbers are wrong, but... are they?

So, this is what happened.

After an incident on Twitter I bought a VIP service for my self and a peer so that we can chat. And then he weird up. And it wasn't the first time.

What happened on Twitter? Bullshit. Surveillance.

Both of us had the same issues with Twitter. Apparently there was a ghost in our chat, and our messages have been monitored. But I had no idea why. I don't even post there, it is my spiritual profile paired with dBuzz on Hive where I suppose to express my gratitude to nature for healing me after I almost died this summer because my liver dramatically failed.

I'm OK but I have to be careful - for example I have to obstinate from using too much voodoo, minimum black magic, avoid witch hunts for some time, no more demon exorcism, possibly to find a serving troll to help me around, do some light herbalism only, writing poetry is OK but no excitement, traveling in mental sphere only if no other choice available... I talk to much don't I? Well, huh, you should see my CV.

So, it is like this nice beautiful heaven where I discuss philosophy, meaning of Universe... you know, the druid things. I mostly just retweet sayings, occultbot and naturebot. And post karmic pictures and wallpapers. No mind control stuff! Just pictures.

I never saw Twitter does anything like that - deleted my text chat messages, changed display colors and constantly twitched reloaded.
I know that a surveillance application deletes occasionally suspicious links, I tried exchanging programming links with guy from MemoCash and our links just went puff! - but never this.

I checked my Settings if somebody is maybe logged into my account and IP list said that I am the only one using the application.

So I asked my peer if he wants to talk over this super safe really awesome encrypted chat app - that programmer really put some work in there, and my peer said to do it.

I never mentioned that it is some posh VIP website with expensive services. So I already bought two packages and paid all premium features, but I found out that my account wasn't a source of the problem.

My pal apparently enjoys to posts toxic crap on Twitter, so I guess it earned him a tail.
Now I don't know why the fuck he just ignored me like that.
He also apparently enjoys to hate me having cash... because obviously how can I deserve such a thing. Do you know how fucking hurtful is that? You have job and money too, why the fuck you so lame?

My husband said that it was not my peer who done that - a man wold never put me on hold like that, but his wife done it, ignored me, deleted messages, snatched that phone and wrote weird incoherent stuff.

Well... I said... well, fuck maybe. WTH I know, I am not there to see it. Right? Partially...

I mean, my husband said, ..."if he doesn't remember what you two were talking just a day before, while I do because I heard what you said even when chicken and potatoes were louder... if he sounds occasionally completely different and men usually do not deviate that much if any, from our default manners...and if he doesn't know plain things and you claim he suppose to be a smart ass ( yeah, I know, hubby doesn't like this character at all)... - well obviously stupid jealous cow of a wife is behind it but you can't see it because you don't understand how female psychology works."

(OK, explanation, my hubby thinks I'm an alien trapped inside of a Barbie and that I do not understand human misbehavior in general).

I had problems with jealous wives before. Even lose jobs because of them. No reason. No motive. My husband sees that behavior at his job, the dudes constantly text-chatted and "verified" by their jealous partners...To short it, we are both horrified by those patterns of behavior. It's abusive.

Now, I kind of had a moment at that point - you know, the point when bats start flying out of you...? no? - aw, yes, you are pedestrians, not wizards..., sorry... - and I really like the fish grill.

I know rage is double blade sward, very dangerous to wield, no need to discuss it. And I know the hate is not allowed, but same the envy is not... but wrath is sacred.

So... there were some other stuff said... it didn't end up nice. If my pal has a cunt over there, he should deal with it and keep others out of his personal problems.

But if he plans to cut off my hand for placing a blame where it belongs and by reaction I would say it belongs... he should know that our custom differs to a point and a feud of that kind is part of my culture. Abide the law, wrath is sacred.

It is very easy to claim something verbally, that you are honest and loyal, so let's see it. Is it all that babbling worth of a trouble. Let's see that fish takes the grill and then we will see how loyal you are. Bros before hoes, ai champ?? That's your shit. So?

I already have the grill on for one barbecue and already heard from him that something is wrong with the woman, yes I am a creepy little freak of nature.. so now I better log off before my darken aura finds more fish. Or I start seeing bats and sixes all over this place...