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I realised after supper last evening, that I was doing quite well increasing my repertoire of vegan and vegetarian dishes. I doubt, personally, that I could become vegan as I don't think I could live without eggs and dairy. Meat, I can do without. As a matter of fact, at boarding school, I often did. Any how, I digress. Haven't done that in a while...

First on the menu, breakfast muffins (egg, sugar and oil free) inspired by @thekitchenfairy for Saturday's market on a beautiful plate from a talented McGregor potter. I am waiting for its mate. Trish knows. And yes, I am impatiently nagging.

The two left became dessert that evening - with a dollop of raw honey and served with homemade yoghurt and fresh blueberries.

Then there was last night: meat-free Monday. Supper consisted of a patty made with chickpeas and homegrown broadbeans (which is vegan) served on a bed of also homegrown salad leaves served on a flatbread with cheddar and horseradish tzatziki.

Seasoned with harissa, garlic, cumin and coriander, I will definitely make these again. The flavour combinations are just divine. Really.

Oh, and the carnivore in the house had a second, declaring it greed and not need.

Seals the deal, methinks.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma


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It looks very fresh and good :)
I have morning and now I feel I must go find lot food when I look your post :))

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your breakfast!

Thank you!!

To be fair, I'd probably have seconds too 😀 looks delicious!

Yum, and yum and more yum 😋 😍 😊 🤗