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RE: Review a Data DApp & Earn Rewards ft. State Of The DApps!

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Hey @dapplovers I am bit confused with the submission . There are two things which are highlighted,

All reviews should be published through OD Portal only: || Any reviews posted through Steemit or any other UI are not eligible for upvotes.

And second point...

In case you are uploading a video to @Dtube, please upload a Youtube Link as well. 3-5 mins of length.

Now as Dtube is totally a different UI, how could we comply with your first clause?

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Hello @steemflow, sorry for the confusion. The first guidelines holds good. Please follow that only.

We have updated the second point.

Thanks @dapplovers it happened in earlier tasks as well, and my content were neglected.
Anyhow now hope going on, such mistakes won't repeated to create confusions....

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