Daft Punk - ALIVE25 (Live 2019) #danceweekend on HIVE

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Hello dear Hive Community,

I found another electronic pearl from Daft Punk for #danceweekend.

A Daft Punk experience created by dick darkly. #ALIVE25 explores what Daft Punk might sound like if they toured in 2019, after 25 years of making music.

0:00 I Feel It Coming (Intro)
1:45 Give Life Back To Music / I Feel It Coming
6:01 Giorgio By Moroder / Technologic
13:51 Instant Crush / Burnin' / Harder Better Faster Stronger
22:10 Within / Human After All / Around the World
31:39 Fragments of Time / Prime Time of Your Life / Rollin' and Scratchin'
37:02 The Grid / Face to Face
39:01 Derezzed / Stronger
44:37 Doin' it Right / Steam Machine
50:06 Da Funk / Oh Yeah / Son of Flynn / Starboy
57:11 Robot Rock / C.L.U.
1:04:13 Get Lucky / One More Time
1:11:34 Contact / Aerodynamic / One More Time / Superheroes / Alive

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Friend I really like the music on your CD disc but I don't understand the language,
May your life be beautiful like this melody, this is my expectation.

Thank you.

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