Different Looks of Pachino

Hi everyone! Here is Pachino, resting comfortably. Now, pay attention to the colors of his fur on his head.

Look at his head now. Pachino looks like he has been touched by an angel! Actually, the sun was setting and hit his head perfectly. Ollie is not thrilled with this little angel.

Pachino's eyes look devious here. Even Ollie is wondering what is going on behind those eyes.

Pachino is sleeping like an angel.

But he has a mean looking yawn when he wakes up. Pachino will always be my little angel.

Thanks for stopping by!

All photos are my own.

#dailypetphotography by @dpet and @kona

#catsnaps by @manorvillemike


Pachino is beautiful

Thanks AG! Of course I think so too. LOL! I sure was blessed when Pachino came into my life 15 years ago. : )


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Hi @rozku! Thanks so much for the tipu curation! : )

The pic of Pachino's eyes gleaming mischievously is too perfect! 😄 Everyone knows to be on alert when an angel is plotting. 😉

Hope you're doing well and keeping warm, sweet Whatisnew! 🤗 💜

OMG!!! Hi sweet Brisby! What a wonderful surprise to see you here!!! I sure do miss you!!! How are you? I hope all is well with you. I was freezing but now, thanks to you, you gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. LOL! Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Much love and HUGS! You stay warm sweet Brsiby! : ) : ) : )

I dunno about angel...those look like devil-eyes to me:)

They do but I am telling you...there is not one mean bone in Pachino's body! : )

A perfect angel!

Thanks @nikv! I am glad you agree with me. LOL!

That fur in the sun is gorgeous! What change! Nice kitty shots. :))

Thanks! I was lucky to see the sun hit Pachino's head like it did. One of those times where you are at the right place at the right time. : )

Hi @whatisnew,

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Ah! I do really love these different looks of my brother, Pachino! Ollie is very cute. They are my little angels, too. Great capture! ;)

Your little angels thank you and send you their love sis! Me too! Hugs!

Oh! I'm very happy every time I receive your and my little angels' love! Many thanks and many hugs! ;))))

Good to see these two guys :-)

Thanks Mike! : )

Haha! Great shots of Pachino Butterfly, he's lucky to have you.

Thanks Jonboy! I am lucky to have him. : )

It does look amazing never seen one like that before you are blessed 😊

I sure am blessed! : )

He is a wonderful cat 😻

Soooo many great shots - the glowing eyes, the gaping yawn, the halo of gold. #GottaLovePachino! He has uniquely beautiful markings.


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