Another Vet Visit for Pachino

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As if Pachino hasn't been through enough already, he ended up having to go to the Vet once again this past Wednesday afternoon. I feel so bad because it was my fault.

He looks like he is warm and comfortable on this cold, rainy day but maybe he wasn't feeling well.

A couple of weeks ago Pachino kept going to the door wanting out. When I opened the door I saw Ollie's face looking up at me as if to ask if Pachino could come out to play. Since Pachino had been cooped up inside for weeks, I let him outside to see Ollie. I grabbed my coat and as I was walking out the door, I heard Pachino yell a loud Yowl! Next thing I know, Pachino and Ollie were rolling on the ground, fighting. That is not in Pachino's nature; he avoids all fights, but you know how protective cats can be of their property. When I broke them up, that is when I realized that the other cat wasn't Ollie. It was a stray that could have passed for his twin.

Do you see a big lump on his forehead?

I checked for wounds with a warm, wet paper towel and after patting his head, I saw very light blood on the towel.

Two weeks later I noticed a big lump on Pachino's forehead. He wasn't acting like anything was wrong other then the fact he wouldn't let me touch his head. I was pretty sure that he had an abscess so I made an appointment with the vet.

Every night before we go to bed I sit on a braided rug to comb Pachino and give him treats. The night before the vet appointment and before I began to comb him, this foul smelling stuff began oozing from his head. The abscess broke open.

Pachino wouldn't let me clean him up but he did clean himself, and ingested all of that infection. He was definitely going to need an antibiotic now. Pachino likes to drink from the bathtub faucet and while he drank, the water dripped on his head and kept the wound clean.

The vet confirmed the abscess and it hadn't all drained so she had to squeeze the wound to get the rest out. I think that hurt me more than Pachino. After the antibiotic shot, we were headed back home.

This is how Pachino looks tonight...relieved.

I feel terrible because this could have been easily prevented. Next time, I will go outside by myself first and check Ollie out; just to make sure it is the real Ollie.

Have a great weekend!

#dailypetphotography by @dpet and @kona

All photos are my own.

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More proof that everyone has an evil twin.

Evie had her first x-rays last wednesday and they weren't encouraging. Her bone had barely healed and the vet suggested putting surgery on the table. He also showed me the original x-ray taken at the emergency clinic which I hadn't seen. The break is pretty bad though clean. Given her age and medical conditions he expected healing to be slower. I told him I want to avoid surgery even if it takes another 2 months to heal with a splint so , right now, we'll continue with the conservative approach and hope for better healing progress when she gets her next x-ray in 3 weeks. Otherwise, she doesn't appear to be in any pain or discomfort other than having something wrapped around her hind leg(which, of course, is the one place she hates being touched).

HaHa! An evil twin. LOL!
That is good that it is a clean break and that you are using the splint instead of surgery. I am also happy to hear that she doesn't seem to be in any pain. Keep me posted Omra. You and Evie are in my prayers. Hugs!

Evil Twin - yes! Ollie has a Doppelgänger - an apparition or double of a living person; "he has been replaced by an evil doppelgänger - who'd have anticipated this???
I feel your pain, @whatisnew! Our beloved ginger tom, Tommy, might have lived longer, but we let him outside (he was so insistent!) only to find him fighting with a stray cat. At age 14, Tommy was no longer The Man he used to be, but he was still The Man. Bobi is a toddler...
I love Pachino!!!!! I hope he will live long and prosper without costing you a fortune in vet bills. :)

OMG a Ollie imposter! Poor Pachino! Hope he is feeling
better now ❤ @whatisnew! Such a sweet kitty! 💕 🐱

That imposter was at my door again this morning. I sure hope he doesn't keep coming around.
Pachino is doing good. Thanks for the well wishes @shasta! : )

Oh! I'm so sorry to hear that my brother, Pachino, got hurt from the fighting. He's very brave. Hope he gets well soon.

It's not your fault. Don't feel terrible! I'm sure no one blames you, especially Pachino, because he loves you and he knows you love him as well. Warm hugs for you and my brother! ;)

Thanks for trying to make me feel better sis! If only I had known it wasn't Ollie.

Thanks for the much needed hugs for me and your brother. Hugs!

You're welcome! Infinity Love for you and my brother! ;))

He will be better soon, Abscesses are nasty but once drained, it's a huge relief for them

That is good news. He didn't seem to be in any pain and he never stopped eating or drinking, but after looking at the photos he didn't look very good. I worry about him because of his age. Thanks for stopping by @nikv. : )

:) The antibiotics will get him back on the mend and from a cost point of view, it's better that it burst by itself than if you'd paid the vet to drain it

Another good thing to know. Thanks! I have spent over $1,000 this past year just for Pachino.


I’m so sorry that happening to Pachino.
I hope he feels better soon.

Thanks for the well wishes @djynn! Poor thing has been through a lot lately. : (

Poor Pachino. That stray wants to usurp him. Poor stray needs to find another home.
Of course it's not your fault. Isn't it wonderful that we have vets and modern medicine?
Pachino has a face anyone would love.

Yes, it is wonderful that we have vets and modern medicine! I always say, "Where would we all be without our doctors, surgeons, nurses, specialists, etc." Everyone's lives would be much shorter, for sure.
That stray was at my door again for the past 2 mornings and I do hope he finds another place to go.
Pachino thanks you! : )

Hi @whatisnew,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

Poor Pachino has been through a lot... That head has seen a lot of trauma...

Way too much for Pachino and his head. I feel so bad for him.

Poor little guy. You just need to kill that stray cat, that would take care of the problem!

No killing cats here. I keep trying to scare it away but it always comes back. AARRGGHHHH!

That's why you need to kill it. lol...just kidding...I don't know what you do in that situation.

Poor Pachino ❤, I hope that he is better now.

I know. I feel so bad for him. : ( He is doing much better but the fur has not grown back yet. I am sure it will take some time.

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Thanks! He has been through a lot this past year. Poor thing.

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