My new computer mouse.

Every now and then I work from home on projects. This enables me to use my wireless mouse.
This mouse is equipped with a high-speed laser sensor.
This mouse even cleans the desktop especially if you have spilled a tiny bit of vanilla chai tea.
The form and function are well designed. This mouse is soft and won't give you carpal tunnel. Just beware squeezing it too hard as it may puncture your skin.


Adorable and cute little wireless mouse ..!

Sadly it would not sit still for a clearer shot.

Still very cute in action... 🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁..!!

So far no chewing on all the wires, they get so distracted weaving in and around all the junk on my desktop.

Oh Wow..!!
I didn't even think about the chewing on the wires 😯.
Hopefully the stuff/junk on your desk will keep the satisfied and distracted 🤞🐀.

Fortunately hams dont seem to chew on things as aggressively as rats or mice.

It's because of the high speed sensor! I had a big mouse once but it wasn't wireless.

Super light speed sensors.

Now that’s funny.
You actually keep a pet mouse?

Yeah I have a couple hamsters but I always call the mice. This is Watson my old hamster, he's nearing two years old, then I have Higgs my whitish gray hamster who's only a year old.

Ok now I get it.😊

Very cute. Just don't mistake it for one of your guitar stomp pedals in the background!😜

Haha they love the desktop, they crawl everywhere in between my cable tangles.


They love all the mess on my desk.

Hamsters are cool. It's a pity they don't live long ...

Haha, great cartoon. I feed mine blueberries to lengthen their lifespans we'll see if I can get one to live three years.

Hamsters are cool. It's a pity they don't live long ...

Just have to get a chinchilla next lol.

I always have two dogs at home, so I don't have rats or mice. My sister always has hamsters, rats, and chinchillas. That's why I know their way of life very well


I really liked the description of your mouse :-))

He's a hilarious character. They love exploring my desktop and burrowing in all the mess.

He tries to help you put things in order :-)))

Also a good natural duster


Cute Guy!
Looks right at home there!

The trick is how to dig them out of the mess on my desktop once they've burrowed in.

You know..
I can relate!
(*Had hamsters before) he he he!

Wooww I liked your new Computer' s mouse. Very cute a mouse. 😃😅😆

A very soft form factor.