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Building a Bamboo Bike - Part One: The Frame

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what! this is so so cool! how awesome that your guest inspired you to check it out- and 5 min from your house! i'll have to book mark this for future reference.

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Yes, please do! It's a really amazing little shop, and apparently there are not too many of them around.
And bamboo is a wonderful building material, it's just that Western culture is not very used to applying it. But if you can build multi-story buildings with it, it should make a super strong bike frame - and it does.
Do you think the climate on your lad would support bamboo? Or do you rather not introduce non-native species?

that's so cool! how lucky it's 5 min from you. we do have a native bamboo species - native to north america. we call it river cane. but it splits and i noticed you used a non-splitting variety. not opposed to introducing bamboo- it's such a useful species! we have a friend who grows it about a half an hour from here. she's 70 now and her bamboo must be at least 30 years old- some of it is taller than her two storey house. definitely intrigued!

I was actually pretty surprised myself to learn that there are non-splitting varieties of bamboo. But even the splitting ones are so versatile and can be used for so many things, from art to household items, furniture... even construction. I don't know how strong river cane is, but it sounds like your friend has some huge types.