White Nights

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Welcome friends!!!
The last very beautiful light we have here in Norway. Long days and white nights are the time where the sun sets around 1am and rises around 3am. It is bright !!!
Recently, I decided to start flying the drone again and look at everything in advance, where I see my friend @photovisions shoots from the ground.


In the end, everything took on colors and we have beautiful landscapes that we've been waiting for. Beautiful sunrises and sunrises as well as warm temperatures are good for our well-being.


And to think that these shots were made after 22 o'clock !!! 😍

Beautiful warm colors give strength to each of us !!!
Unfortunately, due to the fact that I sleep only after 4.5 hours lately I sometimes feel tired and want to sleep - but how to do it like this spectacle is in the sky!!! 😃


Very often he adds his work and what I do on my social networks to which I invite you. I wish you all a nice day - it lasts a long time for us !!!

In this way I took another photo and the editing in the LR and Luminar 4 programs in order to noise out the shot.

luminar 4.png

Luminar 4
Luminar is a very simple program and useful in post-production, which is why I recommend it to all friends.
Best wishes !!! Have a nice day!!!

Most of my photos can be seen on social networks on which I invite


@tipu curate :)

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