It was an amazing trip

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Saturday, the telephone rings.
I answer the phone and hear the voice of a friend asking me what I am doing today and if I have plans. Of course, I didn't have it and I felt that it would definitely be a trip. I only had an hour to collect all photographic equipment and set off to @photovisions. That's what we are talking about !!!

So we go to old places, around Jonsvatnet lake and we go climbing a bit, the road was tiring, although the remains of snow (sometimes up to 2 meters) and mud made it difficult for us.

Finally, we reach the summit passing a marriage that quickly goes down ... I wonder why. Then we meet a broken tent in front of us and moments later two women. we began to wonder what was the reason for their return to their places ...
We turned our gaze ahead and saw the impending snow cloud ... Will it stop us, probably not !!!

We got to the top and we're starting to shoot!!!
Of course, not with weapons only with our cameras
Below I present my shots and on some small backstage @photovisions!!!













I wish everyone a good day!!!

Most of my photos can be seen on social networks on which I invite

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Very nice post, and great photos! 😀

Thank You!!!😀

Amazing shots! I bet it was an amazing hike of yours.

Yes you are right, I love hiking with @ photovisions. We have very good contact and we often go and next time we return to the same places only for the night. Thank you very much !!!

It was nice trip, extreme like for the first one after long winter... still feel my back and bottom ;) ... Until the next one @sawyn ! Good post!

Thanks Bro!!!

Great pictures of a beautiful hike!

Thanks!!! 😀