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A couple of days ago, I was asked by @juliakponsford if I'd be willing to curate for Minnow Support. As I have been curating more and more lately for the Natural Medicine community and its sub division Mindful Life and am feeling, overall that I want to focus more on others, this question was an easy one to answer.
So, from now on, starting every Friday, I will be doing a weekly curation.


I'm not 100% sure about the main topic(s) that I will focus on ( Julia asked me if I could curate philosophy / mindfulness themed writing ) but I found it hard to find enough of those on such a short notice.

I will try to make it writing in the inspirational, mindful, philosophical sphere, without having too much of an overlap with my sporadic mindful life curation.

Won't promise that I might not throw in some posts around creativity too, as - like Julia - I breathe creativity each and every day.

My aim is to focus on smaller accounts - where possible new users - sharing quality content. Those who don't seem to receive the attention that I feel they deserve. I tend to like more personal stories - easy to identify with - of people sharing the process of whatever they are doing.

And now without further ado, here's this week's selection:

Learning to Relax in New Hampshire by @tantrabanter

Here's an excerpt of this beautiful write up on a topic close to my - and probably everyone's - heart:

In times like this, I feel helpless and hopeless. How many times can I call friends, family, and other support for the same issue? It is such a repetitive and tiresome pattern that its retelling feels pointless. It all starts, crescendos, and ends the same way.

All my work is about healing this bullshit. So what gives? All the therapy, meditation, yoga, running, exercise, healthy diet, self-help books, other books, personal development classes - what will help me? And as I feel my most desperate, I am learning something new.

I have no clue why @tantrabanter is still so unnoticed.

I discovered this brand new user a couple of days ago. Although her content seems to be doing pretty well, I still feel like pointing her out, as I can't help but think that she stands out from the crowd, as a creative, and she loves to share the process:


I delegated some HP to her, so she was actually able to interact with other users.

If you're into creativity, especially painting, go ahead and check out her profile.

This was one particular post that I really enjoyed:

Road to Success

And now onto @solcycler

I got into touch with this user recently and I'm blown away by the diversity of his skills. I hope you don't mind reading, believe me he's worth your time. A true teacher!

Here's an excerpt from his intriguing introductory post:

To further my goal to become fully self-sustainable, the last decade I've been training in Survival/Bushcraft, plant identification, mycology, minimal living, ultralite backpacking and acquiring all the gear necessary to live comfortably out of a manageable backpack.

The full write up can be found here

@solinvinctus7125 aka 'dizzybee'

Another guy I got to know on Discord recently. He appeared to be way younger than me and - at a certain point in time - he called me a 'coach'. From that moment onward, I decided that I will try to coach him a little on this platform, whenever he's up for it.

He wrote his introductory post 4 days ago that stayed under the radar. Although he might use many words, his content sure is worth sharing ( I know this by glancing at his wordpress blog that he has been posting on since January 2019).

Here's his introduction.

I will end it here for today with 4 curated users / posts, as I'm a little pressed for time, but I will do my best to come up with 5 brand new ones next Friday.

I hope you enjoyed this read and please make sure to give the above people some virtual love and preferably a follow and / or comment if you like what they share.

See you next week!

Was signed,


sometimes known as Vincent Nijman.

If you are mentioned here, or you are reading this as a new user, feel free to come join the Minnow support Project. It's a great way to network, to gain followers and to chat with fellow bloggers in a more relaxed environment. Minnow Support on Discord


good stuff, it's helpful someone newish to navigate the hive, both reader and writer/creator.

looking forward to seeing how this unfolds...

thanks for guiding me to the Hive!

You're welcome, mate! Glad to hear that it's helpful and that you've arrive to the hive ( and how! )

Great initiative my friend, I appreciate the spotlight and agree that the other's curated are much deserving.

I was wondering why no notification was received and noticed a misspelling in my username. Instead of @solsycler it's @solcycler. 😛

Your dedication to the platform has not gone unnoticed and I envy your creativity as well.

Swarm on.

(comment made on behalf of @solcycler who's RC's have been depleted.)

You're very welcome buddy.

Thank you for your kind words and believe me, you're very creative yourself, you're just expressing it in different ways. I tend to think that I'm not great with my hands ( 'making' things that is ) but - like you - I also believe we can learn any skill if we dedicate enough time to it.

P.S. I corrected the spelling of your username, although I kind of liked the look of the double s ;>)

P.P.S. I delegated 50 sp to @solcycler so you have some room to maneuver.

Thank you very much.(Didn't you have to borrow some RC's yourself the other day?😀)

It just hit me, you mention above that you had problems finding posts on a specific topic. We have cross-posting now, so you can curate and revive old material these days.

Not RC's, liquid / powered down Steem/ ( so I could trade for Hive ).
Thanks for the reminder about cross posting. I honestly don't like look of that at all. It looks somewhat spammy to me.

See you around!

Hey Vincent, glad to hear you are curating more :) I believe I have invited you in the past, but consider joining c-squared as a curator as well. You can give an easy boost to posts you curate for natural medicine or MSP by also dropping them off at c-squared. There are no hoops to jump through and no minimum curation required. All you have to do is drop off links to posts you think deserve more love and c-squared voters will consider them for upvote. Hope you are doing well my friend :)

Hi Carl,

Nice to hear from you, buddy :>)

I'm doing well! Yeah, you invited me before, I think I took part in it for a bit. Although I like the idea behind c-squared, I have to admit that I unfollowed the account after a while, as it started to clog up my feed a little too much.

Anyhow, I will keep your proposal in mind. I'm just not that great in discording too much and spreading myself too thin.

Much love,


This is great Vincent, I look forward to checking it out and getting to meet some new folk, great job on your first curation xxxx

Thank you, my friend :>)

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Cheers guys! :>)

Very nice selections!

glad you liked it :>)