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I'm in the process of moving the project forward on Hive. After publishing the updated Terms & Conditions, I adjusted all the Upvote Percentages today removing some of the upvotes from accounts that are inactive or do not meet the current quality requirements. I also fixed the Tribe Token Multipliers and Level 22 will soon be opened up.

The main objective of this project is to offer fair and scalable curation to quality bloggers who are in it for the run. The main requirements are that you need to be invested in HP (minimum 40SP for each share you can own) and you need to bring something that is valuable to the platform. Blatant reward farming is not something this project wants to support.

The Upvote Shares project also continues to provide upvotes for different Tribes, these are the current balances and multipliers...

There are currently 1100 Shares in circulation meaning the minimum promised upvote for each share is 0.909% (1000%/1100). With all the value-creating mechanisms that have been in place during the last 2 years, the project is currently giving out a 2.8% upvote for each share which will stay in place next level. For many who have been with this program for a longer time, this percentage is actually a lot higher since shares have gone up in price around +40% since the start.

Shareholders and Upvote % Level 21 (Daily Upvotes)

Burned Shares8270,90%-
Future Giveaways1614,54%-

As stated in the Updated Terms & Conditions Shareholders with a lower number of shares will from now on get 1 weekly upvote with a value x7.

  • 1 Weekly Upvote if Daily Upvote % x7 is Below 100%
  • 1 Daily Upvote if Daily Upvote % x7 is Above 100%

Shareholders and Upvote % Level 21 (Weekly Upvotes)

ShareholderSharesMinimum DailyUpvote

Inactive Shareholders

I removed all the accounts that have not been actively blogging for over 6 months from the Hive.vote upvote. The main reason for doing this is because it makes things way less time consuming for me. All these accounts can request their upvotes to be activated again at any given time if they plan to start blogging again. All upvotes are from inactive accounts are redistributed to shareholders that are making posts. Curation reward Dividends will still be paid out to inactive accounts that have 11 shares or more.


Quality Control

I don't want this project to become the target of downvoters and actually agree with them that low-quality post-2-mine operations should not be tolerated. I wrote about this in the past and removed the upvotes of some shareholders who don't meet the current standards. The difficult part is that quality is very subjective and not an exact science which makes for some hard choices.

Actifit Shitposts

I have talked about the problems with these posts in the past, the project doesn't mind Actifit posts if they are made a bit more personal with a custom cover image and post title. Standardized Actifit posts are simply not acceptable, the same goes for empty Splinterlands rewards posts.

@newageinv1 - 2 - 3 - 4
@crypto-econom1stOnly Actifit Posts
@mcoinz791 - 2 - 3 - 4
@mmunitedSplinterlands Posts

Upvotes for these 4 accounts have been put on hold and will stay on hold unless the quality issue gets fixed (Give me a shout in this case). I'm always open for reason, but I find it hard to find any arguments why posts like this should be acceptable. It also shouldn't take all that much effort to fix them and this project at any given time allow for shareholders to sell their shares so that's also always an option.

Refund & Burn

I refunded and burned shares from 2 shareholders which I probably should not have accepted into the program because of questionable quality, a high degree of vote farming, and suspicious double account which is against the rules.

Both @barmbo (2 Shares 8.68 Hive) & @kirstin (2 Shares 8.68 Hive) had the Hive that was airdropped for the Steem they had invested returned to them and their shares were burned to give extra value to all existing shareholders.

That's It!
To everyone who is interested in becoming part of this project or existing shareholders who want to increase their upvotes, Level 22 is to open most likely on Monday. Feel free to already request shares so I can keep them reserved. Also as always, feel free to leave some feedback and suggestions in the comments and make sure to let me know if I made a mistake somewhere or if your upvotes aren't properly adjusted!.


I'll be game for level 25! You are quite right to guard against actifit/splinterlands shitposts

I am striving to reach 20 shares. I would like to reserve 1 (one) share for the release on Monday. If after the posted time and if there are at least 2 (two) share left I would like to reserve two of them, that way I can reach the 20 share level.

Share has been reserved, I'll do my best to make the post opening up level 22 on monday, otherwise it will be on wednesday. Cheers,

Thank you. Enjoy Solstice.

Thank you for this update @upvoteshares / @costanza. It will be interesting to see how opening the first level on the Hive blockchain goes!

I'm quite sure the project provides enough benefits for shares to sell out, it's mostly a matter of people knowing about it as promotion has been fairly limited for far. If needed I'll see what I can do to spread some more awareness.

Sounds good to me. I like your confidence! 🙂👍

I am struggling to understand how this project works. Is there a more noob friendly post about it?

I know it's quite a lot of information in the Terms & Conditions where everything is explained. Have you checked this post where I break down the Model Mechanics comparing them to most other curation/upvote groups that have been around?

Basically, all you need to know is that if you are in it for the long run and bring content within the minimum HP / quality requirements you are better off with some shares from this program compared to HP in your own account in terms of returns.

This is an interesting idea. I had tried something similar on Steem years back but the community I was supporting was not as dedicated.

I think the only thing that is not quite clear is, i.e

  1. Cost of a share?
  2. Does 10 shares entitle you to a bigger vote than lets say 2 shares?
  3. How to apply?
  1. For Level 22 which is about to open, 1 Share will cost 4.52 HIVE (+0.30 HIVE Entry Cost which will be used to get delegation). The 4.52 Hive is not lost and can be fully recovered in case the project would ever come to an end (see Steem refunds). It's also at any given point possible to sell it to someone else.

  1. Each share will give a minimum upvote of 0.95% (1000%/1150 shares) so 10 shares give a minimum of 9.5%. The actual upvote % will be set at 2.8% for each share because of the way the model provides value to shareholders. Depending on how many shares you have you will get 1 weekly or 1 daily upvote. (you can see all the upvote percentages shareholders get in this post and everything can perfectly be calculated in term of returns).

  2. You can reserve shares or request them once I make the post where Level 22 opens up (probably tomorrow)

This is a perfect description. I assume the upvotes come from the upvoteshares account?

I would like to reserve 4 shares to start with.

ok, your shares have been reserved. Upvotes will indeed come from the @upvoteshares account. I'm almost done with the post but will finish it tomorrow evening or wednesday.

Hi! I am not nearly as active as I used to be but I am still posting three “quality” posts a week so not sure why I am being judged by only my daily actifit posts. I agree and fine that those posts do not receive upvotes as I do not post them for upvotes but why should my particpation be completely held back for those? It is disappointing so would like to see what alternatives are available. Again, I agree that my actifit posts are not upvoted but my others should be included.

It's nothing personal @newageinv, the project is using Vote.hive to automatically distribute the votes and it's technically impossible for me to make it that one post gets upvotes and another doesn't. (If it was that would be for sure the solution) Right now, shareholders are responsibe for which of their posts get upvotes.

Why even make these actifit spam posts if not for the upvotes?

I have been involved in other projects like qurator and sbi which have been able to exclude posts that have the actifit tag to avoid this issue and have not had a problem. Why make them? I have personally struggled to remain healthy and fit all my life and it has honestly been the small difference to motivate me to remain active and accountable for my daily activity. As a person who works in an office environment sometimes up to 14 hours per day, it is tough to find this type of motivation. It may be spam from a technology perspective but it makes a difference; it also has an interesting way to engage with a great community. Totally understand that these posts are not worth dollars but it is not about the words alone.

I have been involved in other projects like qurator and sbi which have been able to exclude posts that have the actifit tag to avoid this issue and have not had a problem.

I guess each project has it's pros and cons. I am not a coder and run this thing on my own which simply makes it limited to what I have available in both tools and time and try to make the best of that. Being able to spread upvotes while skipping what doesn't meet the minimum quality requirements is not within my reach at the moment.

it has honestly been the small difference to motivate me to remain active and accountable for my daily activity.

I'm 100% supportive on this, but why not just make a separate account and dump those posts on there like many others do or put just a bit extra effort into them making them more personal and attractive on the eye for the platform and in the feeds of your followers.

I completely understand the limitations as my own have not allowed me to be as active as I once was posting everyday. I have considered having specific accounts for actifit and other projects I have engaged with but believe that it is an even worst type of spam that is allowed. If we want to become a social blockchain, shouldn't all of our engagement be consolidated? If we need to cater to individual communities for our engagements, how will we ever stand a chance to a centralized application like Facebook or Reddit; no wonder why we have not been successful.

If I may suggest a solution; I post three "quality posts" a week in addition to almost daily actifit posts. Could the upvote be only 30% (3/10) of what the full value would be? If not, I can understand the difficulty in accommodating although I never recall this being disclosed when the project started. What would my unit count be at the moment and the value of the stake for refund?

The thing is, you don't have to be active every day. I totally get how Hive is incentivizing this and how things like actifit/drugwars/... are a perfect solution to make a daily post which gets the upvotes with minimum time investment. I see this money chasing aspect which doesn't really require real content to be posted as one of the main reasons why Steem/Hive has not been successful since the platform is full of it. It is also not set in stone what hive exactly wants to be which doesn't help. For all I know, that is what the platform is actually about.

I won't be able to go with that solution as it's important for the project to have most upvotes going to posts that do meet the minimum quality requirements. I also want to keep everything exactly the same for everyone as it makes things less complicated and time consuming for me.

I never recall this being disclosed when the project started

The fact that some posts meet the requirements doesn't allow that many others aren't. I mostly care about the posts that this projects upvotes. Having basic Actifit reports as secondary posts meaning they don't get upvoted would not be an issue.

It's not possible to get a refund but you are always free to sell your shares at any given time. You have 31 shares (incl 1 locked that can't be sold) with a total worth of 114HIVE-6HIVE = 108 HIVE. That are 24 shares based on the current price they are sold at. Since there is no entry fee on shares that are sold by sharholders, it's favorable for buyers to get these over getting them directly from the program so it should not be a problem find one or more buyers in case you do want to sell them. I would write a post or include them when a new level opens up with the shares that are open for sale in there.

I'm sure you understand that basic actifit post simply aren't acceptable and that I'm very reasonable in everything I have done so far with this project. It's pretty much up to you to choose what you want to do from here on out. I wouldn't want you to change your aproach because you feel forced to but rather because it makes sense. Many people make actifit post that have something way more personal to them which makes them suitable for this project.


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