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@upvoteshares is a curation project from @costanza that aims to provide reliable upvotes based on a fair model that has proven to be sustainable and scalable over time. This Project is mainly aimed towards Quality Bloggers that have a long term mindset. The model mechanics are better explained here.

Level 22 is finally here after the transition from Steem and the project is fully ready to move forward again here on Hive. All shares from Level 21 have been burned and the upvotes they represent will increase returns of active shareholders, the Curation Reward Dividends have also been paid out a couple of weeks ago (Link). The account has now reached 5741 HP and 50 more shares have been unlocked which opens up Level 22 (See Table).

-TribeCurrently StakedMultiplier
Hive5805 HIVE1x
Leofinance600 LEO5x
Palnet1440 PAL3x
Sportstalk250000 SPORTS5x
dblog.io1000 DBLOG5x


-50Available Shares
Share Price4.520 HIVECan be recovered at any given time by selling the share on the market, but comes with a 0.200 STEEM exit cost which benefits all other shareholders.
Share Entry Cost0.300 HIVEWill fully be used to Buy Delegation to slightly increase the upvote worth and allows 1 Minnow Share Sponsorship.
Total4.820 HIVEThe total Hive for 1 Share

1 Daily or Weekly upvote from the @upvoteshares AccountThis for as long as this project runs. (the 4.520 HIVE Share Price can be claimed back in case the project ever ends or sold at any given time!)
Tribe Upvotes600 LEO-1440PAL-250000SPORTS-1000BLOG are staked by the account which will increase the payouts on posts with that tag!
1 @minnowshares Sponsorship GiveawayCan be Sponsored to someone by choice to accounts that have <5000HP. The current sponsorship count will be updated later this week on the @minnowshares account.

At any given time, the amount of HP in the account will at least be 10% higher compared to the current share price based on the number of shares. [ Example Level 22 Price = 4.520 HIVE| Minimum Powered Up HP in Account = (4.520 HIVE x 1150 SHARES)x1.1 = 5718 HP ]

Each share represents an equal minimum daily voting % from the account that can be calculated. For Level 22 this is 1000% / 1150 Shares = 0.87% Upvote.

This is the Minimum Guaranteed number in case every single share is active and all daily upvotes are used without counting any of the value creating mechanisms the project offers. The minimum value goes up each time a new level is reached because shares will always become more expensive as the account grows and extra SP is being added each new level. Those who got in on previous levels paid less for each share and have increased their minimum return a bit (see numbers). To compensate for the 50/50 curation rewards the program also pays out Curation Dividend Rewards each time a new level is reached. The latest payout report can be found here

We are nearly 2 years and 22 levels deep in this project and all the value-creating mechanisms are starting to show results as the 0.87% minimum promised daily upvote can easily be set at 2.8%! On top, all existing shareholders always got their shares at a cheaper price compared to what these percentages are based on, Curation Reward Dividends are being paid out and the Tribe Upvotes are also being distributed. This is all done in a way that nobody is losing their initial investment thanks to a solid economic model that simply works!

  1. Every Upvote Share comes with 1 Minnow Share that can be sponsored. The ones that get sponsored get on the auto-upvote list from the @minnowshares account until the next level is reached. Everyone who manages to get sponsored 9 Minnow Shares over time can claim 1 Upvote Share.

  2. The account of every Shareholder will be followed by the @upvoteshares account, this increases the followers_mvest which potentially helps to get extra support from other programs.

Send the required HIVE for the number of shares you want (Shares x 4.820 HIVE) to the @upvoteshares account with the memo

Payment Level 22 Shares, I understand how this project works and agree with all terms and conditions (https://hive.blog/curation/@upvoteshares/upvote-shares-or-terms-and-conditions-qc10mo)

I will review the request (make sure you have read what this program is about) and grant the shares adding you to the upvote list leaving a message below this post or decline the request and refund the Hive to you along with the reason it was declined. If you are not sure if you qualify or if there are shares left available feel free to make a request in the comments below. You will be able to let me know who you want to sponsor in the comments once your shares are confimed.

If you are new to this project, feel free to do all the calculations yourself and ask any of the existing shareholders about their experience with this project so far.

List All Shareholders

-Burned Shares82
-Future Giveaways16

That's it, I will do what I can to make the progression go as smoothly as possible. Feel free to let me know if I made a mistake somewhere along the way. I will make the next post once Level 22 is complete.


Hi there! I've sent the 38.560 HIVE for 8 Shares and the minnows I want to sponsor for the @minnowshares project are:


Thanks @trincowski

8 extra shares [Share 1115 to 1122] have succesfully been assigned to you and your sponsorships have been noted. You now have 50 Shares and your daily upvotes will stay at 100%. The curation reward dividend multiplier for all your shares has increased from +8.4% to +10%

Thank you very much, @trincowski! I appreciate it a lot!

Oh wow! thank you for considering me! 💛❤️💪

Hi there! I've sent the 48.2 HIVE for 10 Shares and the minnows I want to sponsor for the @minnowshares project are:


Can I add the 5 more later? I can't decide who to add now as I am too busy to look at accounts of other deserving people.

Thanks @darthnava, welcome to the family!

10 shares [Share 1126 to 1135] have succesfully been assigned to you. I also noted your Sponsorships and you can add 5 more later on if you want, if not I will give all of them 2 sponsorships. You now have 10 Shares and your daily upvote is set at 28%.

Enjoy and feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

Okay, just give 2 sponsorships each to the following. The other 2 mentioned before only 1 each and I am done.


thanks for the recommendation.. i am grateful

Okay, thanks. You must also post here in HIVE to get the upvotes from @minnowshares.

Wow, thank you very much, friend what is this project about?

@upvoteshares is a curation project from @costanza that aims to provide reliable upvotes based on a fair model that has proven to be sustainable and scalable over time. This Project is mainly aimed towards Quality Bloggers that have a long term mindset.

I bought some shares which enabled me to choose some minnowss sponsored get on the auto-upvote list from the @minnowshares account until the next level of @upvoteshares is reached.

With this I hope you would be a bit courteous towards others in Whaleshares. 🙂

Ready I understand, thank you very much, of course yes, you know that I am in Whaleshares, with my second name, I will be calm. https://whaleshares.io/@eduardo

Thank you. I understand your anger and frustration in Whaleshares. But I believe in my heart that your investment there will not be in vain. Things will improve in due time.

Yes, it is that I feel that they have played with the time and money of some, or maybe I feel that things are going very, very slow, I am really annoyed, but I will change that way of seeing and I will have patience and hope for the best, I wish that whaleshares, have success.

Okay. God be with you and your family, my friend.

I would like to use the paid out Steem to buy some new shares in Hive. Can I get 3 shares this level?

Sure @ erikklok, I already added them. Feel free to send over the 14.46 Hive whenever you can.

3 extra shares [Share 1110 to 11012] have succesfully been assigned to you. Feel free to let me know who you want to sponsor. You now have 18 Shares and your daily upvote has been increased to 50%. The curation reward dividend multiplier for all your shares has increased from +3% to +3.6%

OK. I sent the Hive yesterday.
I suppose people still have to be Minnow (or lower) to be eligible for a sponsorship? in that case I like to sponsor @russellstockley, @exodenews and @no-advice.

Thanks @erikklok, sponsorships have been noted. The original of the minnowshares project was to have it as a way to support small accounts but I switched it to somewhere around <5000HP mostly because the non-linear reward curve.

Upvoted and reblogged. I will send some Hive later on ...

Thanks for your continuous service. Much appreciated.

Thanks, I still have quite some promotional giveaway shares on the side but like to keep them there for as long as possible as they help to increase retruns. The reblog certainly helps in that regard.

You are welcome. Keep the rewards for those who do more than just a click on an icon :)

By the way :)


I haven't logged in to Holybread since long :-)
Is that still even running? I figured the Ponzi fully collapsed.

NOpe. It's running on Hive now. The game changed the owner. It looks like the new owner has solid plans for it.

I am simply clicking away the quests and duels :)

I have just sent in the Hive for the 4 reserved shares.

Thanks @deniskj!

4 shares [Share 1101 to 1104] have succesfully been assigned to you and your account has been followed. You have 4 sponsorships that you can give away (max 2 to the same account) so feel free to let know who you want to give them to. You now have 4 Shares and you will receive 1 weekly 78% upvote .


Very good! I think this needs editing:

"The account has now reached 2741 HP ..."

[emphasis added mine]

Onward and upward!

Thanks for keeping an eye open for these mistakes, fixed it!
I'm glad things can start move forward again

Apologize for all the back and forth on the last post! I continue to support the program and while I am not adding at the moment, I will work on incorporating the feedback you provided in the comments. After looking at some examples you demonstrated, I am making an effort to improve the “less desired” posts. I would appreciate you take a look at them in the coming weeks and provide additional feedback to improve upon. Thanks!

No problem at all @newageinv, I reactivated the upvotes on Hive.vote. It is by no means to set crazy high requirements when it comes down to the average post quality and also quite hard to put an exact measurement on it. The nearly fully automated actifit style posts is a line I want and need to draw though. Thanks for understanding!

Sent 5 x 4.820 Hive. Thanks again!

Thanks @ervin-lemark,

5 extra shares [Share 1105 to 1109] have succesfully been assigned to you. Feel free to let me know everyone you want to sponsor. You now have 35 Shares and your daily upvote has been increased to 98%. The curation reward dividend multiplier for all your shares has increased from +6% to +7%

I thought of nominating the sponsorship when you post the @minnowshares article.

OK, here they are:



Ervin thank you for the nomination, but I am not sure what that is all about :)

When do you have time for a run to update me :)

You don't do anything. It's a bit complicated system with @upvoteshares, which you can buy, and @minnowshares, which you can get. Then you receive regular upvotes. So, just sit and wait :)

A run? Next week from Wednesday onward.

Well sometimes it is good not to know much and still benefit from something :)

Ohhh you are busy...
Than Wednesday or Thursday it is!

Busy and on vacation. I have two days of last year's leave to waste somehow :)

Hello @ervin-lemark. I feel so honored with this recognition and adopting me under your cluster. I felt neither grateful nor thankful for choosing me alongside with these awesome members. Will do my best to post quality contents. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Thank you and likewise :)

Sponsorships have been noted and were added to the upvote list!

Thank you very much in my and their name.

Nice project. What tribes tag should I use on my upcoming video games post should I decide to buy some shares?


palnet (palnet.io) & dblog (dblog) can be used on every post. I'm also looking into adding some neoxian (NEOXAG neoxian.city which also can be used on all posts for as far as I know.

If you have gaming posts that relate the money aspect of it you are free to use leofinance ( leofinance.io) and if they are about sports games you can use sportstalk (sportstalksocial.com).

This a great move to acknowledge highly competitive individuals who post awesome contents here on HIVE and other platforms shared.

Thanks, the project has been running for nearly 2 years and is working out really well. The aim is to add plenty more years to it. You have have been added to the upvote list from the @minnowshares account as you were sponsored. Upvotes aren't big but they are consistent and will remain until next level is reached.

If I am not to late:

3 shares if they are still available, no sponsorship this round for me.

Your shares were resered @bashadow and there was no rush.

3 extra shares [Share 1123 to 1125] have succesfully been assigned. You now have 20 Shares and your daily upvotes have increased to at 56%. The curation reward dividend multiplier for all your shares has increased from +3.4% to +4%


Thank you very much appreciated.

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