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RE: Upvote Shares | Terms & Conditions

in #curation11 months ago

Hey @bashadow. giving out the sponsorships is optional. If none are given this means that the others that got sponsored during a that level get bigger upvotes from the @minnowshares account and the pace at which reserved shares from the @upvoteshares account slows down a bit.

So if 50 individual accounts get sponsored in a level and they all post daily they will only be able to get a 20% vote each. Some getting double sponsrships, some not giving out sponsorships & not all sponsored accounts usually allows for 80% upvotes. I do my best to also always publish the list of sponsorships that have been given out so fat with the accounts that are close to getting a conversion. You can give your sponsorships to one of those as it will for sure help them forward.

I hope this explains it.


Yes thank you. Looking forward the future. If any one doubts the sincerity of your program, all they have to do is look at how well you have handled the transition to Hive