Top 3 Runner Up Daily Curation #indonesia Post - ACTNEARN Reward [06/08/2019]

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Hello community ...

@tys-project is a community that exists to support influencers and content creators on the ACTNEARN Platform. We have new ways and concepts to grow the ecosystem Steem Blockchain in front of the wider community in real terms. We are working to make a campaign campaign to monetize social media to STEEM Blockchain.

Mainstream social media will certainly be more effectively used as a forum to invite users and investors on the STEEM Blockchain. Meanwhile we will also think to deal with geopolitics that occur in several countries. We believe that the presence of ACTNEARN platform will continue to drive the STEEM Blockchain ecosystem in the future.

As a concrete action, we are present on the STEEM Blockchain to start this campaign. Every day our team will choose 3 posts that are entitled to get more support from our curation team. We are proud to present 3 TOP RUNNER today by #indonesia content creators that have been chosen by our curator team.

The following are daily posts curated by @tys-project and our curator team.

Congratulations...!!! 👏


Creator By : @barzah


If you want to know how to assess and analyze the virtual currency based on the Marketcap, volume supply, and supply that has been circulating, below I will explain a few things that may be useful to you.

Creator By : @helmibireuen


Steem and ACTEARN are now on the right track and static for a few months after iad was launched, giving confidence to many members that this act-learning token will increasingly grow in the chain system and will fly over the Blockchain in the future.

Creator By : @meutia


I have more than 35 thousand followers on Instagram and several colleges who also have more than 100 thousan followers. In this post, I invite @tys-project to discuss through Discord and hope that there will be a good meeting point for the development of their community.


How To Get Support? Please Read : We Live & Calling Content Creators - Rules for Getting Curation Support on the ACTNEARN Platform


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Thank so much for her aspirations, friend