Curation results for 4 weeks of delagation

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How have the 4 weeks gone?

Well as I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago I had initially done a week of 800 NEOXAG to this account for curation, which was put up to 1700 as I get more, then I got more and more to have 3500 for curating content while also starting on PAL in the last week (538.800 delegated) which is just making small amounts for now and the main point of this was for the NEOXAG curation rewards to work up both the liquid and staked and grow my account.

This is what I have gotten to already which includes the last week since the halving still giving me around 3NEOXAG upvote value which as we know in curation, will build up quickly the more you vote on posts.

Being able to work up almost 240 from curating for my liquid and staked amounts, while being able to provides some extra value to lots of quality posts feels well worth putting the staking from my main account, to use. Now I don't feel as though it wasn't used as much as it could've.

I would like to buy more to stake and delegate here, once I get some more steem that I can spare and use to buy up especially since the price will rise soon enough, as supply reduces from earning less. For now I will keep at this curation and just focus on growing and growing and being able to provide a bigger upvote to the people that are deserving of more rewards for their hard work.

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