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"This is for a Havenworlder," said the Human in the store. "I need the friendliest fibre you've got. Soft, gentle, won't tangle in their scales or rip their little baby claws if they get caught up. I'd really prefer they didn't get caught up. They panic a lot."

Labor of Love by @internutter has a fascinating premise- how would gift crafting work between humans and alien species?


In this sea of ​​ideas
an iceberg in the labyrinth
looks for the exit crack

Escribo Para Sentire (I Write to Feel) by @nachomolina is originally in Spanish, however, english speakers don't be afraid to translate! This piece truly reflects how creativity offers a release and a cage.

IMG_9248 copy 1.jpg

some of my poetry is bleak and stark
just me laughing last
flirting with the dark

I Got Up, Sat Down, and Wrote You This Poem by @prydefoltz is a piece from one of my favorite poets on the blockchain. She is so well versed in emotionally dragging her audience exactly where she wants them, and this poem is no exception.


Sail away on the Thorny Waves
Comfort me today
Riding on the sea of dreams
And waving once I'm free

Thorny Waves by @darrenclaxton is a gorgeous song, but the lyrics themselves certainly deserve a second look as well for their lovely thematic elements.


Still, the sacred lives in me,
Flows through me, visits me.
I am no less divine for having
Chosen to attend forbidden feasts.

Ancient Soul Mortal Scars by @katrina-ariel explores how a person can triumph despite their mistakes, and its gorgeous and uplifting, as her work usually is.

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Reflections by Sunravelme

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Haha ... emotionally dragging her audience. Love that:)Thank you, Kara:)

Such a wonderful collection, as always. Thanks so much for including my poem along with these lovely creations, and for supporting artists on the blockchain. In case no one has told you today, you're amazing and appreciated!

Greetings, friends!
Thanks for the nomination ...
I appreciate it!

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