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RE: Curation and trending post-EIP

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What could you see happening if curation was given equal weight regardless of the timing? I.e.. I voted something at 4 minutes vs 35 minutes and gained the same curation reward?


Hmm good question, something like linear curation rewards eh? Hmmm. :D

Hard to say actually, it might disincentivize distribution and incentivize self-voting and vote-trading again, for the latter I had an idea in mind to discourage it from happening as there's still a lot of it going on and people caught doing it go crazy when they get downvoted and retaliate. Will have to wait for my next post but hmm, I need to think about your question a bit more and run some simulations in my head. :D

Exactly, linear curation based on stake-size without any timing constraints.

The whole point of this timing thing must have been designed for some kind of reason, but I can't think what that is.

Rewarding content discovery, i.e. newcomers with the penalty to disincentivize bots from voting on everything like @wang used to do very early on in Steem's history. I do wonder how it would work in this day and age with the current rules, though.