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RE: Weekly Minnow Support Curation by SuperZENsitivosaurus

in #curationlast year (edited)

Great initiative my friend, I appreciate the spotlight and agree that the other's curated are much deserving.

I was wondering why no notification was received and noticed a misspelling in my username. Instead of @solsycler it's @solcycler. 😛

Your dedication to the platform has not gone unnoticed and I envy your creativity as well.

Swarm on.

(comment made on behalf of @solcycler who's RC's have been depleted.)


You're very welcome buddy.

Thank you for your kind words and believe me, you're very creative yourself, you're just expressing it in different ways. I tend to think that I'm not great with my hands ( 'making' things that is ) but - like you - I also believe we can learn any skill if we dedicate enough time to it.

P.S. I corrected the spelling of your username, although I kind of liked the look of the double s ;>)

P.P.S. I delegated 50 sp to @solcycler so you have some room to maneuver.

Thank you very much.(Didn't you have to borrow some RC's yourself the other day?😀)

It just hit me, you mention above that you had problems finding posts on a specific topic. We have cross-posting now, so you can curate and revive old material these days.

Not RC's, liquid / powered down Steem/ ( so I could trade for Hive ).
Thanks for the reminder about cross posting. I honestly don't like look of that at all. It looks somewhat spammy to me.

See you around!