Curating New Steemian Introductions for MSP / PAL - Issue #74

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It's time once again to
welcome some new
folks to the
Steem Community!

Welcome to issue # 74
of my weekly curation blog
for the @MinnowSupport Project / PAL!

Let's see who has been posting in the
Introduce Yourself Tag on Steem...

Original Photo by @Ma1neEvent

ISSUE # 74
June is coming to a close...

Welcome to my Curation blog. Each week I try take a look in the # introduce yourself tag to find five new Steemians to share with you in a curation post. These new users have authored Introduce Yourself posts, which tell us a bit more about themselves. Join me in welcoming them to the Steem Community!

Are you looking
for a way to connect
with other Steemians?

Maybe you are new to the Community
and want to ask some questions?

You can chat with other Steemians and
get to know new people
in the @MinnowSupport Project / PAL
Discord Community!

If you are looking for a community of Steemians to interact with, Be sure to check out the @MinnowSupport Project (MSP) by visiting their profile on Steem. There will be a link that will send you to the online chat community on Discord, in the Peace, Abundance, Liberty Server / PAL.
You can also visit Minnowpond.orgto find the MSP Discord.

MSP / PAL is also the home of a great Steem Based podcasting stream called @MSP-Waves, which features live talk shows and music from your fellow Steemians!

Feel free to join us and say hello anytime in the MSP / PAL Community. Stop by and say hello!


You can also read more about the all new PALNET
Steem Interface
in the links below:

Join me in
some new


Our first new member to share with you is @neenz! He shares with us that he works and coaches troubled youth. He says he enjoys being able to help and guide them during their troubled times. He has many other interests and stories to tell, so be sure to check out his new introduction post by visiting the link below. Welcome @neenz!

"My first Steemit post ! Would you read my story to discover how i randomly came across Steemit and why i decided to give it a try ?"


Our next new Steemian to share with you is @dalamdala! She shares with us that she is a mom, and found her way to Steem by checking out travel bloggers who were also posting and talking about Steem. She is excited to see what this place has to offer, so be sure to head over and say hello by checking out her new intro post below. She split her introduction up in to two posts, so I will share the first part below. Welcome @dalamdala!

"My introduction"


Up next we would like to say hello and welcome to @beckyisbecky1! Joining us in the USA, she shares with us that she is a recent college grad with a degree in psychology. She shares with us that she enjoys sports, music, movies, and much more. She is curious to learn more about the Steem and crypto world, so join me in welcoming her to the community by visiting her new introduction below. Welcome @beckyisbecky1!

"This is interesting"


Our next new member to share with you is @leonella-akira! Joining us in Venezuela, She shares with us that she enjoys music, dancing, and has worked in administration. She says she loves to have fun, so let's welcome this new Steemian to the community by visiting her new intro blog linked below. Welcome @leonella-akira!

"Hello, Steemit!"


Our fifth Steemian to share with you this time around is @jayhawk1141! He shares with us that he joins us from the USA, and that he is a college student and athlete studying computer science. Check out his new intro post linked below and say hello if you'd like! Welcome to the Steem Community @jayhawk1141!

"Introducing Hank"

and welcome
to everyone who is
new to the
Steem Blockchain

Do you have a new introduction post to share?
Share the link in the replies below!

Have you written one yet? Maybe you should!
Just write a bit about yourself, your hobbies, your blog ideas, &
share a selfie (holding something with the date you post it is even better),
and tag it with # Introduce Yourself.

Check back again for a milestone issue 75, and five new Steemian Introductions!

I also share other original content on my @Ma1neEvent blog, so check it out if you'd like!

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Once again thank you for taking the time to put this together. This helps me greatly and saves me a ton of time when I go looking for quality people to help support on this platform with curation. Its awesome getting to welcome them.

Glad to it, thanks for the support and for checking out these new authors!

Glad to it, thanks for
The support and for checking
Out these new authors!

                 - ma1neevent

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for the time you spend putting this together

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip

My pleasure as always!

Awesome post main, excited to welcome the new folks!

Why all palnet mods upvoted your post?
It doesn't look good for the fresh start.
Kind of reminds me of steemit.

Well, that is their choice to do so. Are you saying curation isn't something worth voting for? This is 100% original content created by someone who has been steeming for over two years, supporting the community along the way. What's your argument exactly? Are you saying that I shouldn't be supported? It's not like this is some spam /shit post or plagiarism.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Welcome to everyone and this is a great initiative! MinnowSupport was one of the places I went when I came. It really helped me get introduced to some of the ways of Steemit!

I will be forever grateful.

Thanks for being a great member of #SteemUSA~


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@ma1neevent, Keep up the good work and it's vital to engage and connect with newbies because Engagement adds so much value and leaves long lasting effect. Stay blessed.

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In palnet I feel also like a newbie while I've been on steem more than 2 years. lol