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Hello Friends!

Well, the cake may be a lie - because personally I prefer any kind of pie! I do try to serve up some yummy cake on the posts of folks who create deserving content here on the STEEM dream..

Deserving Content - Now, by that I mean content that in my opinion I feel everyone should enjoy and engage with. You see - I know my content is not top-notch, and rather boring to majority of you all I'm sure.. But I create content for me, selfishly maybe, but I know not everyone is going to like me. } I share my #UnpopularOpinions without worry or care {

However I do think I have an eye for content that everyone can sit around and enjoy with some pie.. So join me as I highlight the posts I've served up to the curation departments of my favourite curator communities @c-squared and @helpiecake!
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Curate Report - September 1st, 2019 - #1

This is my curation report between the days of August 28, 2019 - August 31st, 2019.
It's my personal selection of posts that I have curated through the initiatives I am a member of.
*There may be a few posts on this list that did not make the cut from the final curation judges, but I feel they are good enough to be curated here :)

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Treasure Hunters Find A Fortune Worth Of Coins In A Field .. written by @janton

This was my first submission to the @helpiecake bakery and was also an interesting read as we admire the pure luck that some people have! Do you see those people with their metal detectors and think they must be wasting their time? I wonder what you think about using crypto faucets full time?

Well the proof is in the puddin, and in the coin! Luck strikes like dynamite as we find there are fortunes abound just waiting to be found!

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Redfish Rally - August 2019 Winners .. written by @heyhaveyamet

A great new initiative for those of you who are new. It's an engagement contest for the redfish of Steem! Easy to enter, just signup and do what you'd normally do! Encourages posting as well as engaging with your followers, and getting out there leaving your feedback on strangers which all help to grow your network!

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To Finish in Daylight .. written by

A wonderfully entertaining post from a man who just wanted to do better and finish his marathon before the sun went down.. did he win?

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My Actifit Report Card: August 29 2019 .. written by @tattoodjay

Usually I ignore actifit posts - they tend to be a little on the spammy/no value side of things - value is subjective of course but THIS post here shows a stunning example of what an #actifit post should be!

We take an unexpected zig when we should have zagged in Central Park - but due to this blunder we get a great tour of some of the magnificant bridges bringing together the different areas of Central Park, NY!

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Food Fight Friday - Fighting for Survival with Bare Hands .. written by @lizelle

Some monkeying around and a history lesson for #foodfightfriday! @lizelle shares with us some history about a legendary dish of vegetable curie which is served in the middle of a load of bread.

Which of the two legends do you think is true?! Please let @lizelle know in the comments, she'd love to hear from you! (and give her an upvote for those monekys, too!)

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Early Stage of Nigerian Indigenous Yoruban Bologi Vegetable seed || Early Stage in Growth .. written by @mattsanthonyit

@mattsanthonyit shows off his Yoruban Bologi plant collection as we take a tour of his garden and learn a little about the agriculture in his town of Ilorin in Western Nigeria.

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Well that ends this show of the authors and their posts that you should get to know, let me know which one was your favorite down below!

Views expressed are strictly my own

Images belong to the original poster unless stated otherwise

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Thank you so much for the curation and support!

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Thank you for making great content @lizelle!

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nice work @kharma.scribbles .. curating like this can take you into unexpected corners of the steemiverse but worth doing so. Don't forget to bring some of them to PYPT tomorrow eh

Enjoy some !SHADE 5

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I'm praying nothing goes wrong for me tomorrow and I can focus on PYPT!

Thanks for the support :)

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