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Thanks for spelling all of that out @acidyo because it answered a few questions I had been recently thinking about. I was able to wrap my head around a good bit of it even though I had no idea what EIP was.

Perhaps to help folks not steeped in the mechanics of rewards and curation you could in the future perhaps include references to the acronyms being used. I eventually found this post that helped explain EIP but I think that some folks are not going to put in that sort of effort to gain understanding.


Oh yeah, good point. I guess I'm just too deep into Steem to realize some things those less active or not as involved with all the changes etc may have any idea of. It's the same for most of users who are active on Steem can't even begin to understand how real newcomers may see this place as. Thanks for the link!


:) Yeah, I absolutely understand how that happens @acidyo! I constantly try to remind myself when I try to spell complicated things out that I should do it in such a way that 'a child can understand it.' Not that it is a completely accurate saying on this topic but I think you understand what I mean by it.

Thank you. I was thinking the same thing! But I also understand that if you are really deep into the mechanics of Steem, you can’t explain every concept in every article. Good suggestion to add reference links, although of course that has its own challenges as it may take people away from the post before they have read and curated. 😁

True, but guess I wouldn't have linked to a post at the end of this one in that case. ;P

It's not the first time I'm told that those who are active here daily time seems to move really really slow for and similar they stop understanding how newcomers may feel or see the platform completely. That's why it's always good to ask newcomers what they think was a barrier and what they have difficulty understanding as it's something we've learned a long time ago and take for granted now.


Well thank you for all of the info and education you provide, @acidyo.

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