Am I Missing Something? Any Way To See the Most Effective Curators?

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I remember that @boddhistats was posting lists of the most effective curators pretty regularly before #NewSteem. Now that we're in #NewSteem and curation has become even more important, I've noticed that he has stopped posting those lists, which is a shame IMO.

Is there currently any other way to see a list of people who are most effective at curating content on Steem? A list like that could be really handy for improving ly own curation efforts or alternatively, to follow their trail on SteemAuto.

Possible Feature for SteemPeak or Steemworld?

Seems like such a feature woul fit perfectly either o SteemWorld or SteemPeak, since they're currently at the forefront of data collection on the Steem blockchain. It would be neat if we could just compare people's curation efficiency, so everyone could learn from each other. It's always easier to just follow someone's example, instead of trying to make sense of all the theory yourself.

I'm Not Doing Too Bad

When I check my upcoming curation rewards over at Steemworld, I notice that I'm hovering around 50% efficiency, which isn't too bad. Now, I do think it should be possible to increase it to around 60% or 70%, but I have no idea how.


Currently, I'm not following too many trails, except for the Helpie trail and I'm voting people via AutoSteem at both 4 and 5 minutes. Other than that, I try to manually upvote every day. Those manual upvotes seem to bring in a nice amount of curation rewards.

Question for You!

Let me know if it's possible to see which Steemians are best at curating. There must be some method I'm missing, such as querying the blockchain for example (I wouldn't know how to make such a query).

Or maybe you happen to know someone who's getting an average curation efficiency of more than 60%? I'd love to find out who these Steemians are!

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Hi @daan
I've started publishing stats on my blog, and added a tool if you're interested
Little demo here (the answer is automated)
!ceff daan
Will work for any username (if no username or invalid username, your own statistics will be displayed)


I would recommend you to check out @gerber. He is good at curating as far as I know.
Lol tagged him thrice today. Looks like I'm super obsessed with him.

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Wow yeah, you weren't kidding! He has more than 100% efficiency :)

I have my SE tokens delegated to him. He shares the curation rewards and they are great. Try delegating Pal coins to him if you want and ofcourse if he agrees

Just about the same as you, I have 25 people on auto-vote, but many don't post daily. The rest is manual.

Check blog-beginner's comment, that dude has some great efficiency! Looks like he's voting at 4 minutes standard.

My auto's are at 4 mins but steem-auto has introduced some randomness into the algorithm to make things fairer.

If you are using something other than steem-auto then you can probably get in earlier.. like at 4.01 or something.., but TBH I'm happy with what I'm getting.

So the best curation rewards are in a 4 min mark?

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That's what I use, but unless you have your own code to do the the voting then you are at the mercy of SteemAuto and it's randomness.

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Hi, @steem-data publishes statistics for curation every day
For yesterday :
The one for today will be out in 1h30 approx.

Yeah those are pretty handy as well, but don't display curation efficiency.
Thanks though!

Yes, it doesn't. I personally like the SP / 1000 SP indicator better.
Out of curiosity, you can check my Curation Efficiency :D
Still in the process of optimizing everything but it's not too bad...
But compared to prior-HF21/22, it's nothing. It was possible to do 500/600% Curation Efficiency in those days...

Hello @daan, I would suggest you to check out my trail (@mosquito76) which replicate my autovotes eliminating manual votes.
I'm 3rd in the curation league:


I check my outgoing votes every day to avoid spam, plagiarist etc. and i publish a daily report with @miti account to keep track of outgoing votes.

I've started to publish the stats if you're interested.
I'll launch the 24 hours version tomorrow, same for the weekly / monthly versions.
If you got any suggestions, want some changes, feel free to ask !
PS : I'm keeping an eye on the script to make sure there's no error / bug, etc...

This would be a really handy tool to see. I know that I am not getting the best returns I could be with curation. I really want to get my numbers to a better level.

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I just started publishing statistics about curation efficiency.
Check my feed if you want to see what it looks like.
I just started so there's room for improvement, so feel free to ask for changes if you got ideas.

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