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The @curx curation project searches for exceptional content on the Hive blockchain. With our votes, we've supported 68 distinct authors on Tue Apr 13. Join the curation trail to support our authors! Here's a selection of the top posts curated:

This is para Ti @Jauregui98

Author: @miguelmederico
Community: Threespeak
Created: Tue Apr 13 03:35:06 2021

Show me the strength of Cinema in your country.

Author: @wiseagent
Community: CineTV
Created: Tue Apr 13 18:48:12 2021

Disfrutando de un concierto en streaming | Experiencia

Author: @katic-19c
Community: GEMS
Created: Tue Apr 13 23:29:03 2021

The Freedom Movement Just Lost One of The Greats!

Author: @kennyskitchen
Community: Informationwar
Created: Tue Apr 13 05:31:27 2021

HIVE: My next step to get more voting power.

Author: @wiseagent
Community: LeoFinance
Created: Tue Apr 13 01:10:57 2021

How To Check Final Balance of Any Wallet Address of Stacks ( STX )

Author: @soft-tech
Category: #stxcoin
Created: Tue Apr 13 09:55:45 2021

[Straw Plays] Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 - Episode 2

Author: @strawhat
Community: Hive Gaming
Created: Tue Apr 13 04:16:00 2021

Hive Dollars Are Pizza Certified

Author: @geekgirl
Community: LeoFinance
Created: Tue Apr 13 22:06:48 2021

Hiking around Kincsesbánya and Iszkaszentgyörgy

Author: @kalemandra
Community: Amazing Nature
Created: Tue Apr 13 09:25:39 2021

🦃🐕🐇 [Eng/Esp] My three favorite animals ...Mis tres animales favoritos.Mi Participación 🐇🐕🦃

Author: @egarysv
Community: GEMS
Created: Tue Apr 13 00:03:48 2021

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