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The @curx curation project searches for exceptional content on the Hive blockchain. With our votes, we've supported 56 distinct authors on Sun Apr 18. Join the curation trail to support our authors! Here's a selection of the top posts curated:

I just finished the first Bioshock (2007) in 2021 and it is still relevant (Review).

Author: @therealflaws
Community: Hive Gaming
Created: Sun Apr 18 09:50:03 2021

[ENG/ESP] I design an emoticon to retain needles, step by step. | Diseño un emoticón para retener agujas, paso a paso.

Author: @ungranulises
Community: NeedleWorkMonday
Created: Sun Apr 18 12:32:00 2021

Coronavirus Hoax & CNN: Fear Sells [eng/срп] Коронапревара и ЦНН: Страх се продаје

Author: @lighteye
Community: Deep Dives
Created: Sun Apr 18 01:46:21 2021

Pencil Sketch with Color Pen of a Splinterlands Monster: Naga Fire Wizard.

Author: @rashed.ifte
Community: Nerday
Created: Sun Apr 18 10:27:06 2021

24 participants already in the CTP Power Up Challenge

Author: @ctpsb
Community: The CTP Swarm
Created: Sun Apr 18 13:15:09 2021

Thronebreaker | Choices are starting to matter...

Author: @pusen
Community: Hive Gaming
Created: Sun Apr 18 13:13:39 2021

Elaboration of a beautiful painting of birds. || [ENG // ESP]

Author: @aglaide
Community: GEMS
Created: Sun Apr 18 23:39:12 2021

A review of Community and why it is my favorite sitcom of all time (Review)

Author: @therealflaws
Community: Movies & TV Shows
Created: Sat Apr 17 23:56:00 2021

[ENG | ESP] Let's make a delicious "Pepito" | Hagamos un Pepito delicioso

Author: @cristiancaicedo
Community: Foodies Bee Hive
Created: Sun Apr 18 10:57:45 2021

[ESP|ENG] Un recordatorio de los momentos difíciles... Gracias

Author: @edmanuelwild
Community: GEMS
Created: Sun Apr 18 19:41:39 2021

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