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RE: Weekly Minnow Support Curation by SuperZENsitivosaurus

in #curationlast year

Hey Vincent, glad to hear you are curating more :) I believe I have invited you in the past, but consider joining c-squared as a curator as well. You can give an easy boost to posts you curate for natural medicine or MSP by also dropping them off at c-squared. There are no hoops to jump through and no minimum curation required. All you have to do is drop off links to posts you think deserve more love and c-squared voters will consider them for upvote. Hope you are doing well my friend :)


Hi Carl,

Nice to hear from you, buddy :>)

I'm doing well! Yeah, you invited me before, I think I took part in it for a bit. Although I like the idea behind c-squared, I have to admit that I unfollowed the account after a while, as it started to clog up my feed a little too much.

Anyhow, I will keep your proposal in mind. I'm just not that great in discording too much and spreading myself too thin.

Much love,