How would you spend your 24,820 days if you make it?

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According to reports by the World Health Organization, the average life as an active adult is 86 years. Meaning that you have about 68 years as a productive adult. (adulthood starts at 18. 86-18=68.)

This means that you have about 24,820 days to spend as a productive adult; (68years 365days)You will get to wake up 24,820 times and decide how to spend each day.


Many of us ignore this, and that is why we let many of these days slip by accomplishing nothing. A day with no tangible accomplishment is a waste. I was not an exception until I started noticing my activities, so I decided to never let a day go without doing something productive. How do you make use of each day?

Master your routine:

As humans, we all are better at doing certain things at certain times. For example; Hannah who is a student is a night bird. Meaning, she is more active at night and can get so much if she reads at night. What does Hannah do?

She spends her mornings attending classes and taking care of other important things. She also maps out her to-do list. Then she takes a brief rest late afternoon to prepare for her 10-12 hours reading time.

She knows how her body reacts at certain times so she does what works for her.

You might not be like Hannah, you may be an early bird. Don’t compare yourself with Hannah. If you do, you realize that you have accomplished nothing tangible.

Always have a plan:


Before setting out to do your routines, prepare for them. What do I mean?

For Hannah to be well organized, she has to map out plans on things she wishes to achieve. Also plan the topics she wishes to cover for the night.

This way, her work won’t be confusing and messy. Better still, have a to-do list to help you maximize your day.

Block out all distractions:


Opening mails, chatting, watching TV, these are the most common and most addictive forms of distraction. When you want to complete a task, discipline yourself. If possible, turn off your mobile phones and gadgets till the time for the task ends.

Be comfortable:


When you stay in a dirty and hot place, you get sluggish. Stay in a comfortable and airy place. Take a good sitting position to allow oxygen to enter your brain. Turn on the Ac or fan. This is a simple way to keep your mind and body focused.

Develop a pre-game routine:

A pregame routine is something you do to prepare your mind for a task. For example, you might drink a chilled glass of water before doing your tasks, take a quick run, a cup of coffee, or snack. This is to calm your brain cells and prepare them for work.

Influential people have specific things they must do every day. Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world. His daily routine was to do 90 minutes’ workouts in the gym. He concentrates more on his weak muscles and improve his speed and agility.

Usain Bolt is now 34 but still as agile as a 20-year-old. He still holds the record as the fastest man in the world.

It is the choices we make daily that determine the life we live, the health we enjoy, and the world we build.

You have 24,820 days as a productive adult. How would you spend each one?