Trending Is Not Clean Yet

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I've been doing my modest part in removing pending rewards from some posts in Trending since HF 21. Trending is a lot cleaner now than it used to be but it's not satisfactory, yet. There are still very mediocre posts there from the same authors regularly pulling over $50 per post and occupying Trending. My last post before this attracted a big fat downvote from a certain non-Naruto running professor from the land of bulgogi. While he, too, has the right to reallocate pending rewards from any posts he considers over-rewarded, that particular downvote got me curious.


This is who the good professor has downvoted today.

If you look at who has been downvoting his posts, they are largely the same people who have been downvoting his posts. The accounts he has downvoted this week have mostly been @curangel and developers and community activists.

I think @curangel is a project that deserves more of our support. Check out:

If you delegate to @curangel, you get to use an interface through which you can suggest posts to be downvoted. You submit an URL of the post you want to be downvoted and a reason for the downvote. The curation team reviews all suggestions and makes a decision. The downvoting power used is commensurate to your delegation. @curangel upvotes original quality posts hand picked by its curators and gives 80% of the curation rewards to delegators and the rest to the curators. @curangel has 615,000 SP at present time. I just checked its curation efficiency on SteemWorld. It's slightly better than 50% of its vote value, which means that delegating to it is as profitable as curating yourself with 40% efficiency. That is not bad. By delegating to @curangel you will do a service to the whole platform including yourself as a Steem Power holder. I'd love to see the project have over a million SP in delegations soon. If you have no time to curate yourself and you want a decent return without resorting to selfish maximization, I recommend that you delegate to @curangel.

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I spent all of September following @curangel's voting trail. I still upvote all of their daily posts. I agree they deserve support. Also, downvoting curation projects because they downvote your abusive behavior is not going to stop downvotes. It's probably just going to make more people team up on you.

Old Steem was broken. New Steem is better. It's not too late for these people to stop their abusive revenge downvoting. They will probably be forgiven. The amount of people still abusing the reward pool is shrinking every day. A lot of them are losing delegations or powering down. It's only a matter of time before it is just troll accounts or actually clueless people.

I had an idea I left in the comment of another post.

Why is it up to the dowvoter to explain why they downvote an account that bought a bid? Shouldn't it be up to the person selling the bid or offering a trading service?

It's like saying the doctor who treats the person who got shot should be responsible for gun safety education and background checks, not the sellers of weapons. Most of the people selling votes do not mention it is controversial and some of them do not even mention that a vote was sold most of the time (more and more they are trying sneaky ways) which destroys the 'promotion arguement'

Circle voters, some of whom are powerful old accounts from 2016 are the next target.