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RE: Look At This Revealing Social Experiment With A 6 Yr Old Girl

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NEVER trust UNICEF. The U.N. is behind the entire CPS scandal, worldwide.

This is an interesting experiment, yes, but no surprise really. I also think there is an exaggeration involved. I, like you, would have been more concerned with helping the tattered-looking girl than a well-dressed one.

The global elite play on our "guilt" for all sorts of nefarious stuff...even like to the point of getting us to "elect" a foreign-born, cocaine-addicted, homosexual black man as POTUS...


lol..not funny about the last sentence but it sounds pathetically funny in a way. Yes, so true and great points. I don't think I knew about the cocaine-addicted part though.

Oh definitely. The guy is a total JOKE to be the leader of the anything except maybe a small communist cell in Chicago somewhere.

lol..totally agree!