30 Day challenge for a happier life !!!

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I challenge you that you can overcome your misery and become a happy and productive individual in 30 days if you sincerely follow my suggestions!

To be more precise, you can be a changed individual by the time you reach the end of this write up!

How is this possible?

Imagine there is darkness in a cave for millions of years. What happens to that darkness if a powerful torch light is flashed into that cave?

The darkness just disappears.

There is a simple technical error that we commit while using our body-system. If we rectify it, everything becomes alright this second.

You must know of the famous story of a beggar who sat over hidden wealth all his life. One day he died. People decided that he should be buried at the same place where he had been begging lifelong. They dug three feet and found a huge box containing gold, emeralds and other precious wealth. The poor beggar had been begging sitting upon this wealth throughout his life.

Our story is similar to this. We are fighting misery, stress, and tension while all along we are presiding over the infinite happiness within us!

The knowledge to wean us away from this ‘misery-producing-ignorance’ is very simple. Unfortunately, people never care to understand this problem because they work like automated robots. In diplopia (double vision), the eye is defective and not the world, but we see a defective world.

What is the cure for diplopia?

We cannot go on correcting the world indefinitely but we must attend to the defect in us. If there are thorns on the road, we cannot cover the complete road with a carpet. The solution is to wear a pair of shoes.

In the same way, we have a problem with ourselves. We blame others and the world for whatever happens to us. In reality, there is a defect in us which we never identify and spend our lifetime in ignorance.

What is this defect and where is it?

Our gross body is controlled by a software what we call as the mind. The mind is subtle, meaning, it is beyond the realm of the senses. Thoughts are the products of the mind. We can never see thoughts. (If we could see and understand others thoughts, it would have been disastrous!). It means, the mind must be subtler than even brain.

The mind is something we presume to be there because of its function. Nobody can deny the mind or thoughts. Just as we are aware of the software chip of the present-day computer, we can easily surmise that the mind is something like that but extremely subtle.

The mind has two components (This has been painstakingly experimented by the ancient Indian Rishis (seers) by their profound mental experiments). The first part is the sense of ‘I am’ which we generally call as ‘egoism’. The other part is the operative instrument of the mind which stores memory, recalls it, connects the memory with the present experience and imagines the possible outcomes in the future based on present experience and previous memory.

Very interestingly, the mind belongs to the body and anything connected to the body is inert as it is made up of insentient elements. Therefore, the mind is inert.

How thoughts become sentient?

We can give the example of an electric bulb. Bulb contains a filament which is just an inert filament without any light in it. But as soon as electricity flows through it, it shines with bright light. Similarly, the mind is inert. But as soon as the consciousness (similar to electricity) comes in contact with the mind, it is activated. The egoism part is first activated. It starts bossing over the operative part of the mind and gets its work done.

So many motivational speakers and writers give us a number of suggestions to bring change in ourselves. Unfortunately, these suggestions are never 100% successful because the basic structure of the operating system is not changed and the authority of egoism and identification with the body does not diminish. It unfailingly lifts its ugly head again when a suitable occasion arises.

Therefore, the solutions offered by motivational speakers and books are not life changing but they can give success temporarily.

Here is my solution!

(You can avoid the following paragraph if it is too strong for you and jump to the next paragraph)

The software mind, has a built-in code which starts functioning as soon as the consciousness is reflected in the mind. The very first function of this mixture of “I and consciousness” is, “I am this body; this body has to be protected at any cost; the needs of my body are uppermost and should be first met etc.” We call this as body identification. This is our enemy. In reality, we are not the body but the consciousness (like electricity) illumining the body. What if a robot starts thinking that it has an illness! Naturally, the power is cut off and the mechanic will look into the technical glitch. The only problem with us is our inseparable connection with consciousness. We cannot disconnect it from consciousness and repair our body. This integral nature of the body and consciousness (filament of the bulb and electricity in the case of an electric bulb) has made us assume that we are the physical body and it is real. In reality, consciousness is the real ‘me'. It has nothing to do with the thoughts (light of the filament). This confusion is the main reason of our suffering.

(Please read the above paragraph once again if you have not skipped it as suggested by me as it is very important to know who you are in reality)

Our bodies are working on the ‘autopilot’ mode based on the built-in code of the mind. Our code is not much different from animals which seek security, food, comfort, and mating. If we carefully analyze all our actions, we understand that they are aimed at the same end as animals but have a few added extras, like the ability to get identified by others, get eulogized, become jealous of others, greed, anger, lust, competition to own allotropic forms of carbon etc. By following these additional features, we pat ourselves on our backs as being advanced social beings.

Coming to the solution proper; disconnecting the autopilot mode and adopting the manual control of this mind is the only solution.

How to do it?

We have to forsake the role of a slave and assume the role of the master. Following are the methods of mastering our mind.

Observe your thoughts
Nothing special. Just start observing the initiation of thoughts in your mind. Imagine that you have a software inside you just like your computer has a microchip. To start with, you can imagine the modus operandi of the production of colours and the sounds of the computer by the microchip. Don’t forget to mark the fact that microchip is inert like our mind and it does not do any action until it is connected to the power supply. In the same way the mind is activated by the consciousness. Observe the origin of thoughts in your mind.

Do not try to control your thoughts. You are not supposed to do anything but become an observer just like you observe flowing traffic on a road.

Can’t you do this simple task?

Great achievements will not come to us very easily. This is one of the greatest achievements of your life. Therefore, have great respect for this procedure of the observation of thoughts. You earmark 30 days for this purpose. During this period, you are not supposed to use your smart phone but you can use your land phone and a simple phone to receive and make calls. (Fix a particular time for your phone interaction). You are not supposed to watch your television for this period of 30 days. Just as some people take up austerity and perform it assiduously, you are supposed to take this prescription as a strict ritual.

Say ‘no’ to every suggestion of the mind
The second austerity is to say ‘no’ to every suggestion of your mind for 30 days. If the mind says, I want to eat a particular thing, you should say, ‘no’. On the other hand force the mind to write the menu for the week which has to be followed very strictly. If the mind were to say, ‘I like it’, immediately you have to reply, ‘I don’t like that’. Then start analyzing who said this, ‘I don’t like this’? Who is this opposer of the mind?

After my last post on ‘what are the five mistakes that people in the age of 20 commit….’many youngsters are writing to me. It means many youngsters are in the grip of this unwanted hormonal trap and are suffering from anxiety and psychological illness. I suggest that all of them should take up this 30 day austerity regime. If you have any trouble with this, you should take a book and start writing the following, ‘I will not succumb to your pressure and commit the error again. In protest, I write something against you and I publicly shame you. Keep writing your actual feelings. Keep saying ‘‘’no’ non-stop”. You may not be successful in one day but you have sown seeds of resistance. I am very sure you will become successful. As you keep opposing the idea proposed by the mind, steadily our dendritic spines in the neurons of our brain start sprouting new connections with ‘no’ neurons and when these connections become sufficiently strong, the act automatically stops.

Start seeing a common factor in every being and object
The mind is trained to see only the outer layer of all human beings and objects. Therefore, it is just worried about looks. shape, colour and names. It classifies the world based on these factors. All our life is spent in analyzing shapes, looks and sounds.

Imagine for a while that you are seeing the air entering and getting distributed in the person standing in front of you. You can imagine that in no time our molecules of air get mixed with the that man’s molecules and exchanged in no time. As we have exchanged our molecules, we are one and the same at the level of air. Similarly, we can try to see the consciousness in others and identify that with our consciousness. This is how we should start seeing the common factor in everything around us.

All such exercises change the digital coding of our mind and it metamorphoses into our servant. It is something like breaking a horse.

Our worst enemy is conditioning
Try to decondition from everything that is holding you to ransom. If you are scared of your health, just drop it. It is an artificial scare created by the mind because of the desire to live for ever on this earth without any disease and unhappiness. It is an impossible dream! Educate your mind about the reality and make it to accept the reality of life.

‘The present moment is the best moment in my life’ should be your mantra.

We are conditioned to become Doctors, Engineers, Administrative Service officers, professions where corruption is rampant. We have to think two or more steps further in our algorithmic reasoning and question, ‘how permanent is the happiness derived out of this job? Do you have the same happiness what you had before marriage after marriage? Do you have the same happiness when you bought a new car, a year after you bought it? Happiness comes in fractionally or minimally with each object, touches our happiness centre stimulates it and withdraws. We require another bout of happiness again. That is the reason why we are in search of objects always. We are really not interested in the object but we are addicted to the temporary ‘happiness-kick’ it gives.

Keep aside thoughts for a while and realize that inherent happiness is always within us. Our happiness is completely covered by wrong knowledge and ignorance. When we get an object, there is a partial opening in the veil of happiness and we enjoy a flash of happiness. In reality, happiness lies only in the unalloyed present. Happiness is the pure present without past memories and future imaginations clouding it. ‘

By sheer strength of knowledge if you can initiate a paradigm shift from the inert mind to the consciousness, then, in this present moment you can get rid of all your phobias, fears, anxiety, and ill health.

This change suggested by me is a permanent change of our mind control unlike motivational bandages which give a temporary sense of buoyancy and achievement but eventually get tired and revert back to the whims and fancies of the mind. We have to root out the wrong seeds that have sprouted in the mind in the form of digital coding. This can be done by a proper conscious intelligent approach to the understanding of the very construction of our body..

When you observe the mind, you are the observer. The observer is always happy and serene. It is the combination of the observer with the mind which creates the ‘false-doer’. The ‘false-doer’ mind is the mischief monger as it usurps the ownership. Withdraw the ownership from the mind and hand it over to the observer or the subject, the story comes to a happy ending!

Thank you



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