CTPtalk Weekly Stats 10/25/2020 to 10/31/2020

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Welcome to my first weekly CTPtalk stats report. This report is covering October 25th, through October 31.

When you are interested in numbers and like to know more about the development of the CTP tribe, please continue to read.


The following topics will be covered:
• Daily posts and earnings
• Top CTP tag posters and earners
• Longer term developments

Daily posts and earnings

Let’s start with the daily posts and earnings in week 44. This week 175 unique users published 778 posts with CTP tag. They generated 22,644 CTP in total as earnings. The first chart presents the number of posts published per day.
The second chart shows the earnings these posts have generated for the participants.

Top CTP tag posters and earners

The next two charts present the top posters and earners in week 44. This week @luciannagy created the largest number of posts (39) using the CTP tag.
With his reports, @russellstockley was the highest earner (1,585 CTP).

Longer term trends

The final two charts provide the longer-term trend of all posters and CTP earnings per week.

Finally I would like to welcome @irie876, @myanmarkoko, @surrealfia, @cageon360, @anggreklestari, @uyobong.sports, @friendlymoose and @bvijay, who all published their first post using the CTP tag in week 44.

This concludes my weekly update, until the next time and stay safe! 😀


Wow! These are great stats! I hope that you will do these weekly reports regularly!
Thanks for sharing this data with the CTP Swarm!

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Thanks @ph1102. I'm definitely planning to post this weekly and will look at expanding it with more information in the coming period.

That sounds awesome! I like these kind of reports, and people like to see themselves and compare with others... hehehe

I can boost engagement more.. ;)

I agree a bit of friendly competition is always good @ph1102... :)

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It would be really great to feed on this stat on a weekly basis. Like what Dalz have been doing for the LeoFinance community every Mondays. It goes a long way.

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Thanks for the statistics, we hope the participation continues to increase. Nice job. Greetings.

Thanks @cageon360, I hope with these kind of reports we can create some extra interest in CTP.

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Thank you do much 😃

Thanks for publishing these stats, Just wondering where I come because I use CTP regularly.

Hey @rs2g3, you were Nr. 24 in week 44 so not bad at all! 👍😀

Thanks a lot for sharing these stats @pjansen, very interesting to see, keep up the good work and stay awesome.


I though it was time to start some stats here as well @flaxz as I really like the vibe on CTPtalk... :)

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Hey @pjansen.ctp, here is a little bit of BEER from @flaxz for you. Enjoy it!

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Oh I am at no 5 - Top posters....
Thanks for sharing the data..

Great to see this stat for the CTP community. A great work indeed. Every community needs this to be able to spurr more participation. Giving you a follow and would support your work. Cheers!

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