Good Morning & Happy Wednesday

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Great wisdom thanks for sharing @pixiepost have the best day

You're very welcome, Ben! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a great Wednesday! :)

True words for our troubled time my dear friend. So appreciate your continued support and use of my #thoughtfuldailypost movement TAG...

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You're so welcome. I appreciate the tag & what it stands for. We all need that in today's world, for sure. Thank you so much & I hope you are having a great week. Sending blessings & #pixiedust!

Happy sunny Wednesday, always looking to make more happiness for family and friends.

Happy Sunny Wednesday! :) Yes, happiness & great experiences with family & friends are so much more important than material possessions any time of the day! :)

This is true. We often think that if we can just get a little bit more "stuff" we will find happiness. You can have very little in your possession and still find true happiness because it comes from within yourself and from God. Great post, Pixie!

Exactly. That mindset can really be a trap for all of us! That's why it is good that we have faith & find that happiness within where it's been waiting all along ;) Thanks Janelle. I hope your day was amazing :)

Thanks Jenn :) You Rock!

A kids ability to play with sand in 50 different ways portrays this perfectly. :)

Wow! I like this analogy.... :) It truly does reflect it well. Bottom line, it's all up to us to seek our own happiness & it all starts within, just like the kid. THAT is the secret ;) 💗

Release your inner child! 😁

Ha ha ha! My inner child never went away 😂😅

So true....the sooner we stop tying our happiness to things, the quicker we will be able to start enjoying the truly important things in life (that money cannot buy).

Amen to this. I have nothing to add, because it put it so perfectly. Happiness starts within & it's a choice we make. It isn't always easy but it's worth it! :)

Absolutely it does.
Happy Wisdom

Happy Wisdom Wednesday. :) I hope you had a wonderful day. Thanks for the beer. I might open a bar soon hahah ;)

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