Good Morning & Happy Sunday

in #ctp2 months ago


Happy Sunday. Rumi was a great man.

Yes Rumi was amazing. I thoroughly enjoy his quotes! They always seem to hit home for me. I hope you had a good Sunday THIS time around lol. :)

That is very lovely quote.
You don't need to look around as anything that you want is within you only,
Have a lovely day and stay safe.

Amen. So true. Everything we need is within us the whole time, we just have to realize that for ourselves. :)

Glad you enjoyed the quote! Take care & be well :)

Happy Sunday Jenn, a blessed one for you 🤗☕

Happy blessed Sunday (this time ha ha) as well, Joe! Hope you are doing well! :) 🤗 ☕️

Happy sunny cool Sunday evening.

Happy Hot Cloudy Sunday evening to you, Randy! Hope you are doing fantastic! :)

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