Oops...I apologize

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When I created this account, I wanted to seperate my gaming activities from my entrepreneurial ones. I already had a few game accounts, but wanted to start fresh and see if I could build with no money out of my pocket. Well, I made a faux pas. I realized when I logged in to Rising Star this morning that I am not supposed to have more that one account in the game. Oops...my mistake.


In order to rectify this situation, I transferred all of my cards and what Starbits I could to my new account and abandoned my original one. If there was a way to delete that account, I would, but rest assured, I will no longer be using that account.

When it comes to growing an account without any financial investment, I realize this is kind of cheating, but since I had never invested in the original account, I felt like this falls within the spirit of the adventure.

Please accept my apology for creating a second account. I did what I could to resolve the issue as soon as I realized my mistake. I look forward to documenting this "Journey" (pun intented) as I continue playing.

Do you know any secrets to getting ahead in this game quickly? Since I am a fairly new player, any comments or tips you would like to share would be appreciated.


Thank you for being honest (you were already on our radar 😛). Your original account has been closed and moonthumb verified.


Great, thanks. That way I won't accidently open up the wrong account. I appreciate you removing that for me.

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