I Started My Own City!

in #ctp4 months ago

Who can play games on HIVE without having a dCity? That's right, yours truly created his own dCity today.


Now, I know what you're thinking...yes, I double and triple checked to see if there was a rule about having more than one city. I scoured the Info section and checked out several posts. Since I have read about other people with more than one city and could not find any rule mentioning that factor anywhere, I am going under the asumption that it is OK. If I find out otherwise, I will take swift, corrective action.

With that said, I got a bit of a head start by transfering a couple of buildings and a few workers from my other city (which is not that big to start with). At this point, I have a whopping 4 income with a population of 13. I know this will not grow very quckly, but I have another secret weapon to help with that in a small way (more about that later). Anyway, I am following a strategy laid out to me from someone with a pretty large city, so hopefully is will be effective for me, as well.

Well, that takes me up to four games...Rising Star, CryptoBrewmaster, Alien Worlds (I introduced Alien Worlds HERE), and now dCity. I'll continue to post on each of these games as I progress. Until next time...So long and thanks for all the fish!


I got myself a city today too.

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