Is That My Name In Lights?

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I have taken another step towards stardom in Rising Star...I'm a Headliner! I have completed my first Midweek Headline Slot mission.


If you read my last post, I mentioned that since I had reached Level 10, I was now eligible to do this mission. However, I had neglicted to realize that I had to complete eight Busking with a License missions before attempting the Midweek Headline Slot mission. Since that time, I have spent my time busking (legally, this time) and working with my vocal coach in order to earn that coveted headliner gig.

I am currently working my way though level 12 and will continue to Headline and take vocal lessons as I progress. This should put me on track to start the Saturday Support mission once I reach Level 15. At that point, I will have just one more step...the ultimate Saturday Headline before I can start branching out into the Local Gig Circuit. PLUS, once I complete 15 more missions, I get another FREE CARD (woohoo)!


If you haven't played Rising Star and would like to see what all the fuss is about, it's FREE to join, free to play, and you can earn free cards and free crypto.

I'll see you at my next gig.


Nice! I installed Splinterlands the other day, but have hardly played at all. and I see a lot of people on here play dCity too.

I play dCity, too (I'm pretty new, so we can grow together if you decide to check it out). I am trying to see if I can grow this account with just game income, so I will not grow quickly. I will be joining Splinterlands once I have earned enough to for the initial Spellbook purchase (I do play on my other account, though).

If I went to Gamestop, Steam, Gog, I pay for games. I think if I found a game on here that I really wanted to spend time on, I'd invest some. It would be no different than paying for the digital bits of a game to play it.

dCity is awesome but I have never played Splinterlands and I truly can't get the attraction of Rising Star except I just cream off a few tokens a day I'm a little ashamed to say!

If you're thinking of getting into dCity, the prices on the market are a fraction of what they were and you can build a nice city for peanuts! Give it a go and of you need any help or advice, hit me up :-)

Someone suggested to build your Rising Star account up to Level 20 and then start pulling 50% of your Startbits off to buy SIM for your dCity. I think I may use this strategy once I get there.

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Thank you for the entry in the drawing..and thanks for the BEER.

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