Look At Me..I'm Busking With A License

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Well, I've reached my next milestone in the Rising Star game on HIVE. I have attained level 8 and can now do the Busking With A License mission. This not only increases the amount of time that I can do other things between missions, but I also earn more Starbits and XP for each mission.


At this point, I have earned over 2200 Startbits (not that I am saving for anything in particular). I also have a Pizza box (which allows me to save Pizza so I can use it when I need it instead of it automatically being consumed when I find it). Therefore, I can better control when my energy gets boosted and earn more throughout the day.

My next milestone is Level 10. Then I will be able to start taking Music Lessons so I am able to fight off my dreaded EGO! I will also have access to the Midweek Headline Slot mission for even more earning potential.

Who knew making money could be so much fun! If you haven't started playing this game yet, check out Rising Star...it's FREE to play.



Hey @moonthumb, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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I've taken a few lessons, but mostly I try to make sure I don't have more fans than skill and that helps keep the ego down so I can do missions that earn more Starbits (and also rack up more ego points).

Thanks for the tip.

It seems like it would be easier to increase your skill than it would to keep earning while limiting the number of fans. If I am doing more missions (to earn more Starbits and XP), there is a possibility of acquiring more fans and surpassing your skill. Can you explain to me how you make sure you have more fans than skill?

Well, what happened to me is I bought 12 packs and I got some good ones, including two buses that gave me 550 fans each. After that, though, my fans were about double my skill and my ego was going up quickly. If you don't have too many fans yet, it's not a problem.

What I did is send the NFT cards to another account I have for storage. I should probably double-check and make sure this isn't going to get me in hot water, but I think as long as I'm not playing with the other account, I should be allowed to do whatever I want with my cards.

I sometimes buy cards on the market strategically, though. I look for affordable cards that give more XP and fewer fans to increase my skill without driving the fans up too much. You want a lot of fans eventually, but I think there is definitely a possibility of having too many if aren't that far in the game.

I do the same thing with dCity. I had too many workers and my unemployment was up, so until I could buy more cards that would require workers, I just sent them to my Rising Star account for holding.

I know that you are not supposed to have more than one account. I don't know whether this applies to inactive accounts. Me personally, I wouldn't risk it.

It sounds like you have a system worked out. For me, though, I think I'll just stick to music lessons until I have the ability to purchase enough cards to maintain better control of my skill. Thanks for the explanation.

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