You've Got Your Fancy New Steem Account...Now What?

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I've been working with a lot of Click Track Profit members as they make their way over to Steem...And so far, the experience hasn't been too bad!

Sure, it's not as easy as signing up to a centralized social media platform, but onboarding on Steem is a whole lot easier than it was a year ago. I've been teach them to sign up through two methods;

1. Through for free

2. Paying a few bucks and going through Steem Ninja

Quite a few have chosen the Steem Ninja route and are quickly set up and have their account ready to go...

Problem is...They have no resource credits (mana)

I started to instruct them to buy delegation through Steem Ninja but apparently that isn't an option right now, so I thought I would recommend to them...To go through Blocktrades which is where I have quite a bit of delegation purchased myself :)

This brief tutorial blog post is to help Click Track Profit members get themselves some delegation quickly, so that they can start posting on Steem and of course..... ;)

Step 1 - Sign into your SteemitWallet


Using your Active Key and Username, log in securely to SteemitWallet. You will notice a button on the right that reads...Buy Steem or Steem Power. Click there! It'll then open you up to the Blocktrades exchange.

Step 2 - Sign Up To Blocktrades

Easy peasy...You will need an account at Blocktrades, but it's free to set up. Simply go through the process and then come back the page you opened up from Steemit Wallet.

Step 3 - Fund The Purchase

1. You need to decide which crypto you want to bring to Blocktrades for the purchase. I use Litecoin all the time, but you can use many different tokens. From Bitcoin to Ethereum. You have many choices to fund your purchase.

2. Make sure you use the drop down menu to select 'Steem Power'. I used 0.1 LTC which currently will purchase over 40 Steem Power. Steem Power is needed to 'operate' on the blockchain but there are many more benefits...Which I explain in detail in both @SteemSavvy and the new Steem training at ClickTrackProfit!

3. Next, make sure your STEEM username is in the box provided.

Step 4 - Send The Crypto You Are Buying With To The Address Provided

Next, send the crypto to the wallet provided...And you are all set!

Here's the thing with sending different crypto though....So you don't get worried...Some take a lot longer to come to your Blocktrades account than others. For example, if you send Bitcoin, it may take a while...20 minutes or longer. But Litecoin takes about 5 minutes sometimes less (which is why I love me some Litecoin lol)

But after the purchase goes through, you are ready to rock!

Now why do you need Steem Power?

You see, blockchains operate differently than let's say...Facebook. With Facebook, you can sign up for a free account and use all the bandwidth you want, because they sell ads to you, show ads to you and your information (as you have read in the news recently) is sold to the highest bidder.

Steem doesn't 'own' your account. You do.

And that account needs to be able to operate because there are no ads and no one is selling your information to anyone.

That requires resource credits (RC) or mana...And RC's need Steem Power!

There are so many benefits to 'powering up' your account which we will go into much more detail later...But right just remember...The more Steem Power you have, the more you can do on the blockchain!

I hope this short tutorial helps you on your new journey here on Steem!

If you have any questions at all...Drop me a line anytime!

New to Steem? We can help @SteemSavvy

steem training

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Going to have to plug in something I've made, but it helps people so I don't feel too bad.

They have no resource credits (mana) gets you 30 SP for 7 days at NO COST and you can request for it again after 3 days after that delegation ends. Not too bad right? Anyone who's low on RC can use it and doesn't need anything other than you to put in your username and to fill out a captcha(gotta make sure you are human).

i’m about to take off until saturday night. but hit me up on discord. i might a huge use case for this.

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i know this is for any account but to conserve its resources maybe cut off half the SP from this project and save them for NEW accounts ... i will have to just give people a few SP delegation with each new account i give out.. i have over 300 accounts oinly gave out a few so far

WAIT WTF is the CAPTCHA paying for the SP? lol you can plug this into @heimindanger of @dtube 's CAPTCHA token which a steem engine token paying people tokens for solving captchas

someone who loves steem could even buy back those tokens at a much higher price, helping heimindanger to profit a lot more from his heroku app that lets him sell captcha solves or whatever

Nice tutorial for newbies Jon! I hope it will help with onboarding...

Thanks man, it's been a question that has been popping up. Thought it would be a great example of how to get more Steem Power vested :)

Thanks a lot for this one Jon, its one I will keep, a return to a few times, as I work my way true this. Helpfull it is.. keep up the good work, thx for sharing.

Thanks man. Yeah it works a little different than traditional social media sites. And while there is a learning curve, once you are vested in Steem Power, the whole blockchain really starts to come alive with possibilities :)

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I actually signed up and paid for at blocktrades did not know about Steem Ninja until i joined steem savy :) I allso purchased 12 steem power when i ran out of steem power and found out its needed to follow others or make blog post or vote.

Awesome...Yeah man, Steem is super cheap right now, so it's a great time to stock up and get powered up. The blockchain really starts to show it's potential as you grow your steem power! It's exciting....but watch out, it gets VERY addicting LOL

I think I am allready becoming addicted LOL

LOL Trust me man....It'll take over your life LOLOL

one of these days i will learn how to upvote and give ctp learning is fun

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

You give CTP everytime you upvote as long as you have some CTP tokens staked on

I just gave you over 5 CTP tokens with this upvote, which happens on steemit but which you can see better if you make the post from

see heres your account

and heres how i found yoru comments use this tool by @rishi556 to get free delegation for a few days when you run out , im gonna try to find out how i can delegate to this project to help support it as i dont see anything about that on its site or is there?

Oh I see. DUh.. it says "donate steem: @giftgiver so lol i can just delegate SP to @giftgiver or Power Up SP to gifgiver ... or wait can we actually re delegate delegated sp?

Redelegating SP isn’t a thing so delegations only help our curation(which is still a work in progress) and will help with our account creation in the future once we set that up. The best way to support us is to just let others know about us, vote our posts, and if you can afford it, sending us steem(or powering it up directly) helps us.

Great Article starting to understand now just have to put the resources together and get a real good understanding of how everything flows and what uopvote,likes and all new termsbullrider.jpg

for sure man. slow and steady. ask any questions you may have. i’m always here to help

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I am still a bit confused about how all this works but I joined Steem Savvy and have been going through some of the lessons. I also downloaded the Steem pages you suggested I looked over the 1st one a bit and got even more confused. Seems very technical and very wordy. I will look again when I am more rested and can concentrate better

it can be for sure. super complicated when at times it really doesn’t need to be. @steemsavvy is a great way to learn steem step by step. and if you have any questions. let me know :)

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Now why do you need Steem Power?
You see, blockchains operate differently than let's say...Facebook. With Facebook, you can sign up for a free account and use all the bandwidth you want, because they sell ads to you, show ads to you and your information (as you have read in the news recently) is sold to the highest bidder.
Steem doesn't 'own' your account. You do.
And that account needs to be able to operate because there are no ads and no one is selling your information to anyone.
That requires resource credits (RC) or mana...And RC's need Steem Power!

hah man good one! this is a cute explanation of the gross mismanagement of SP resources by Steemit Inc and their inability to manage their own MANA and unused SP to delegate to new users for at least a few weeks, like they used to, but they just dont want to grow lol they dont want to do the hard work of finding the best people to manage their Delegation, its hard work lol no one wants to do it, but oh well, thanks to steem engine we can actually create the demand for steem lol

without steem engine tokens , no one would ever believe SMTs were even possible or able to be successful at all... lol now steem engine has proven that....

But hey I will go with this explanation for now lol, I really will, i resteemed and upvoted your post and I REALLy liek click track profit or whatever lol i bought the first 100 tokens on sale and just bought and staked a miner,

gave ya 6 CTP

If we need to convince people that they need to buy their own SP and that its because you "own" your account as opposed to facebook with ads (even tho steem has ads and can do all the stuff facebook does lol)

but "mana" (so dumb of a name lol i mean i got excited when i first heard it cuz i expected it mean there wa ssome grand master plan to gamify everything.... but was only disapointed... cuz if theyre gonna call it mana why not go full video game and rename SP your Level, and make vote power the health power and let players engaged in a flag war (1 mutual flag exchange detected) they trigger a court or jury or 12 associated steemians or maybe randomly chosen lol so funny to watch them battle it out and decide if the matter if serious enough to let them continue...

Thanks very much!

Appreciate the support and purchase.

Now let's see if I can not crash this stuff to oblivion LOLOL

hey come to Steemspeak discord @ackza has set aside some upvotes for all your new users who have posts or comments at $0 so they can say they made some money even if a few cents their FIRSt day in your system OK? Got it? I know what its like to be on the consumer end of a tai lopez style system and we can make THIS system so different and better, where we help all new struggling users instead of givin them the disclaimer speech of "results may vary"

we can make CTP really REALLy stand out... the website needs a special new splash page to announce this sort of deal and maybe we can set aside a few steem worth of CTP to give out on discord since our @banjo bot by inertia can actually TIP CTP to any discord account no steem account needed like so

Fancy....I'll have to take a look :) Thanks for letting me know.

Wow. Thanks @jongolson for this. Nice write up. I've never used litecoin to trade on @blocktrades before, this is an eye opener. Thanks once again mate✌

It's super quick...Less than 5 minutes to do the purchase and transfer over :)

That's great. I'm gonna switch. Others like bitcoin and bitcoin cash delay a lot

@jongolson I just wanted to say hey, and thank you for all you do to help us, newbies.

For sure :) Thank you for the kind words! Appreciate that very much!

@jongolson your welcome. Have a great day.

The more Steem Power you have, the more you can do on the blockchain!

I really love what you said here. I hope that I'll be able to gather more SP. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great day

Slow and steady :) That's how lots of people build their stake here....So many ways to do that :)

helpful! Thanks for this!


Just saying I made it to Steemit. More to come from me. Good to see you Jon. :)

Your circle of influence on the Steem Blockchain might increase even more, with more friends and contacts from your ClickTrackProfit website 😃

BTW, did you start a forum with @tokenbb yet?

Trying to get the different features ready for the CTP Tribe has been extremely slow. I'm not very technical so the Steem Engine team has to ask me questions that I have no idea how to answer LOL Not much documentation for setting these things up. I have miners that should be ready very soon...Will look into both TokenBB and ScotPeak. I wanted to have everything ready to roll out at once, but looks like it'll be a process...

Ah okay @jongolson.

@tokenbb makes it easy to start websites similar to the forum website you said you had back in the day, and it is probably great for managing your discussions online 😀👍

Yup, I've got one for Steem Savvy :) Got it set up months ago.

Great explanation @jongolson, it's important to get the SP up, RC is ridiculously low with 15 SP, so I actually delegated 50 SP to one of your members.

Dude that's awesome! Who was the lucky member?

Thanks, @sigskeie since I have known him for a while on Cashjuice.

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@jongolson, Good to know that you onboarded the team on the Steem Blockchain. And with that you've done the Wallet Keys and Blocktrades tutorial which is very appreciable because it's helpful regards to newbies. Keep up brother.

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Thanks man....Slowly they are coming over :)

Welcome and good to know that. You keep up your great work brother.

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Now is as best of time to do so as I have ever seen!

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agreed. best time to jump in and power up now.

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Dear @jongolson

I just sign in to your website I received email with confirmation and I'm trying to sign in (I tried 3 times already) and nothing is happening. Is your site working fine?


ill double check. should be working but i’ll ask my tech if there is an issue. just heading to bed so i’ll get it sorted in the morning for ya :)

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Thank you for being so responsive @jongolson
Appreciate it a lot.


Nice tutorial for newbies Jon!

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

This blog post can help so many people. May I suggest a tutorial for trading SBD/Steem for cryptos to USD for newbies?

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