Making and Taking the Time to be Content Specific

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I haven’t written a post for a couple of days, (There goes daily consistency) but life got in the way

Which brings me to writing this post!

Especially for the newbie’s.

Being able to not only put time aside to write a post but to also find a subject matter to write about can be difficult at times.

I have a lot of other things that I do in a day and sometimes I am not even online. However putting time aside , I can see, needs to be a priority to be consistent and ensure that I am seen every day.

There are a lot of minutes in a day and putting aside 30 of them to create a Blog Post really shouldn’t be that hard.

Well, I say 30, because not only does the post need to be written but alos a subject matter needs to found.

For me the subject should always be something that is relevant to my experience.
When writing in Niche areas, such as CTPtalk, I would like the subject to be about content creation, business development and affiliate marketing, after all that is what this community is about.

Today’s post for instance is about creating content

I am also involved in some other areas of the Block chains and write posts for that as well, eg: I take part in the Daily #freewrite. This is a great opportunity to be non niche specific and write a short sharp ost. In the #freewrite a daily prompt is given, which is great when stuck for something to write about, and you have 5 minutes to write, which is excellent for letting the creative juices flow.

This is just one example of another area to write for.

There are many different communities on the Blockchain so you don’t have to restrict yourself to tribes such as CTPTALK.

Although CTPTalk provides its own , spendable currency, which is attractive and is a motivator to write something that is relevant to CTP Talk.

If you have posts about Business development, investment, affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship, content creation etc, then CTP Talk is a place to do that as is #hivehustlers and #leofinance

Anything else yo want to write about will have its home and writing specifically for the home will give you maximum returns for your time and efforts.

So putting aside a 30 minute block to write a space specific post should be made a priority.

Remember, this is about accumulation and the more specific you write the more chance you have of accumulating.


I aim to engage with as many people as I can that create great community content and engage with others by sharing their journey.

I will be up-voting posts that I believe are great community sharing posts everyday

I will select one post a day to get a 100% upvote from me and will post this banner as well as comment on that post.




What does CPT Talk stand for?
Thanks for the shoutout!

Hello @marriannewest - CTPTalk is a tribe on Hive which has its own space and currency all HIVE Based :)

It is the supported community from Click Track Profit which is a Website that has training for online business developers and affiliate marketers.
The CTP Token can be used at over 80 different websites for upgrades and advertising as well as being able to transpose it into HIVE

It a very supportive community on the Blockchain is very supportive for content creators

If you want to check out Click Track Profit you CHECK IT OUT HERE

Get up 30 minutes earlier and create content... :) If that would be that easy... But, to write a daily blog, you don't need more than that...

On the other side, my content creation process lasts for a couple of hours... (don't ask how.. lol)... Usually, I've got an idea, then think about how to transform that idea into words (or video)... When I have recorded the video, I've got other ideas about the same topic, so I write a long description of the video with additional information...

In general, I do a double job... don't be like me... lol...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Make a habit of content creation, and it will get easier with time... ;)

for me it is about making the time.

I tend to think about what I want to write and then write it from my head lol, which is why it may just seem a little disjointed at time.

I love the 5 minute free write because I stick to the 5 minutes and get a flow happening. This enables me to write better when I want to write something else.

This content is a #massivesuccess! It will be rehived and I invite you to connect with me on telegram @robgehring to collect another bonus.

Thankyou for the repost :)

Consistency is certainly key. I’ve found a few times to have serious writers block. One thing I’ve found helpful to break me out of my comfort zone is to seek out new communities people are posting in and enter a contest. Most communities are having weekly contests so that’s an excellent way to spread your network and meet new people. It also gives the added bonus to meet posting once a day.

Posting daily on your account is good and all but going out and even spending 5 minutes to read two or three posts and leave them a great comment is often more important to get noticed and to get followed than posting. We can’t get followers if everyone is focused on their own blog. Food for thought!

Definitely agree on the making comments etc.
Part of the joy is the reciprocal engagement and being able to hold good discourse with others.

There are some great posts out there, and when I can I always ensure to leave a comment.

For sure! Discourse is definitely important. Most of the bigger platforms discourage discourse it seems, and promote anger and hate. It’s a shame because some of that bleeds onto here but thankfully not nearly as bad as there!

Keep it up man!

There are a lot of minutes in a day and putting aside 30 of them to create a Blog Post really shouldn’t be that hard.

Unfortunately for me , this require much more than 30 minutes to create them.

I am thinking of taking part in freewrite and zapfic, so that I can be more productive.

But,yes showing up daily for commenting, upvoting and posting is really required.

The #freewrite is an excellence tool for building writing skills and being able to be creative at the same time

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Life does get in the way sometimes, we all have our struggles with time manage on certain days. For me 30 minutes is fast to do a post, it normally takes me depending on the post an hour or two and then I go looking for posts to upvote and comment on. Consistent commenting is just as important as posting content.

Life can get in the way of all sorts of things, lol, I tend to only want to spend 30 minutes writing a post and posting it, I spend way more time reading others and commenting.