Finally Click Track Profit announced there autoresponder

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  On 8/24/2019 Click Track Profit put new training videos on the autoresponder that is best to use for affiliate marketing. The autoresponder announced is Traffic Wave which is a great autoresponder.

I went through all the lessons rejoined Traffic wave and did all that was in the videos and created my first lead capture page through the lead capture creater in Click Track Profit. This is what I created.   

I am glad for the lesson @blainjones made on the html part of the form creation it helped alot and in the future I would like to add more of my personality to my forms on my lead capture pages.

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Hi @howyf2 - Saw your page in the Gauntlet already :) good stuff

Thank you been waiting for these lessons before I made first lead capture page :)

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Nice one Howard, and like that page you did... Top work!! Keep on going!! Success!

This is great traing that is being given us that will enhance all of us

I'm still in my learning curve and you guys are a lot in front of me, but I'm trying to catch you up... I have checked a few videos and getting slowly into it... :)
I would like to go faster, but I need time to process everything :)

Thanks for the post!

That is the great thing about click track profit its go at your own pace not a race you will get there I am still learning and need to process things

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This was very exciting news for me also. I had an inactive account at TW so I opened a new one with the CTP team.

Great to hear much success with ctp

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A vital tool for any marketer... those who don't have an autoresponder and manage to do it simply haven't got enough flow of leads already.

Well played!

This will be great, and nice LCP @howyf2, have an awesome weekend.

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Thank you and have an awesome weekend too

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Awesome !!!

Thanks for jumping in and taking action with the new autoresponder and for joining the team!!

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Saw your LCP as well, gave it a good rating because it was different. Well done.