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Ok, and so it begins with a nice opening image. Well, it seems all my tokens and such transferred over and I powered down over at steemit so I have decided to post directly here using the CTP Tag. I am awaiting CTP's move to Hive so that I can then get back to the old process of using Steempress with the material going right to CTPTalk then Hive (Versus Steemit). So honestly, it is true, just keep creating content. It's just the process that has to change. I came to Steem on a recommendation from my good friend Jon Olson of CTP and CTPTalk. So honestly, that is who I support as my Trafficleads2incomeVM site is highly leveraged there. It's been a great partnership and I enjoy having a hand in the Crypto Markets. What I can do without is having to dredge through forums and "political" posts ad nauseam. I simply have no time for the drama. I just like a clean work from home consulting business I can enjoy and refer others too. Oh yes, I am an affiliate marketer and proud to be one. Stay tuned for my regular material soon. :)

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