SBI Giveaway - Plus Updates On My Lists

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It's Monday and a new week, and new opportunities.

SBI Giveaway - Plus Updates On My Lists

I have had an SBI Giveaway going now for some time on my free ebook, Build Your List For Free, and I expanded that from 20 SBI Units to unlimited, and I also made an SBI Giveaway for my other list, Profit With CTPtalk, and that is also unlimited for anyone who subscribes, (so long as there is Steem in my account to cover it, in both cases).

I will keep them as such, the initial burst of incoming suscribers is over, but they will be there and help anyone who needs it, and I will also link to them in upcoming lists and email series that I will make.

To get the Steem and CTPtalk usernames on everyone that has signed up to them has not been easy, very few notified me with those details, so I would ask that anyone who has signed up but still not got their SBI Unit to notify me about that.

SBI is SteemBasicIncome Units, and with them you get free upvotes for life from @steembasicincome, and the more you have of them the higher the upvotes you get.

SBI Giveaway - Build Your List For Free

For the free ebook I think I have all of them correctly now, and these are the additional subscribers that I have sent SBI Units to for signing up to Build Your List For Free.

Screenshot from Steempeak wallet

I will tag them here.


Thank you very much for signing up to my free ebook.

Made in Canva

Made in Canva

SBI Giveaway - Profit With CTPtalk

Now for Profit With CTPtalk I have been able to identify 3 subscribers with Steem and CTPtalk usernames, the other 2 I am uncertain if they even have any, and I have sent out the SBI Units to the ones I found.

Screenshot from Steempeak wallet

I will tag them here.


Thank you very much for signing up to my email and video series.

Made in Canva

Thank You!

Thank you all for reading this post, and if you are not yet signed up to my lists, then you can do so by using the links above, there is 1 SBI Unit to get for each of them, and I do hope you will find them helpful and work to your benefit, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

This is all my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.


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