So where did you get your start part 2

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In part 1 I got to the start of affiliate marketing so we will carry on from there.

I was talking to a friend of mine from back east and he was into promoting

this romance site and was making over 2,000 US a month at it.

So I joined and started a website, it was slow to start so we added a

shopping mall, and then added worst and best pick up lines.

Then one Valentine's day we got home and the phone was

ringing so we answered it and it was our website host asking what

the blank we were doing?? I said what do you mean and his answer

blew me away. "you are getting more than 1 million hits a second on

your web pages" Looking onto what was happening our best

pickup lines were featured on the front page of MSN, and Yahoo websites

to say the least our sales went nuts that day and that got me hooked on

online marketing. We have had 1 more time that we have been that busy

we made it onto a live cable show in Canada and did not really think it was

going to be to much what they forgot to tell us that it was also live in the US

then it was replayed for 1 week till there next live show. This time we warned

our hosts that it was going to happen so they were prepared.

Then it happened the dot bust that was really a bad time,

as so many company,s went under owing a ton of money to there affiliates.

Many of the our shopping mall merchants went under owing us thousands

and nothing we could do about it. It was a very slow time for us and our income

dried up over night. We kept going and started looking for different advertising

options and we finally ran into a site called I love hits and joined and that was

our start with traffic exchanges for good, we had been a member

of a few before but they did not pan out.

Well I do not want to make this post to long so we shall leave it there for today

Part 3 Wednesday

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Great history, Eric! You are a box of surprises... :)

Waiting for the part 3!

I am old been around this internet stuff since it went public.