CTP Blueprint WordPress Blog is now Live! (posted last Saturday on WP and finally on Hive today!!)

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

(this post was created a few days ago but the WP plugin is now working properly so forgive me the extra post today lol)

I decided to give a next step to CTP Blueprint and add a Wordpress Blog!

No, my love for Hive is still strong, just want to open my horizons and perhaps a bit more exposure to myself and the program!

And with the @exxp WP plugin, I can now have the best of both worlds!

For now on, I will be mostly posting through WP except my vlogs, like the CTP BP Weekly Updates. Those will still be on @threespeak, which is another love of mine! I will be using Lbry to upload my vlogs and then embed on a WP blog post!

It's still a little empty, I will be uploading all the previous Weekly Updates for the next few days. That was another reason to have WP, having a place to archive all of them in one place. On Hive they ended up getting mixed with all the other posts and having a side archive on the WP page will be easy to catch them.

Also, I added on the side a form to my email series in a pretty neat way!

I'm sure some of you are already in, it is my main TrafficWave list, with new Thank You pages. That will be another task, organizing the emails and add new ones into automation. Feel free to join if you aren't in yet!

Now let's see if this goes to Hive!

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Saturday!

Posted from my blog with Exxp : http://blog.ctpblueprint.com/ctp-blueprint-wordpress-blog-is-now-live/


Coolness, @elianaicgomes! I just followed your WP blog on my WordPress Reader - so glad the plugin is working for you now! 😎

Me too! Was getting depressed ahaha thank you for following me! I'll be mostly archive old hive posts for now so apologies in advance 😂

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Yes I really like it too I'm just not kind of mindset yet that you guys are maybe I just don't have any confidence but I'm aware of what I'm doing and I'm going to try to change for the better I'm not a young person and but I want to carry on anyway I don't know if you know but I dedicated some funds to you cuz I think I owe you money what is condescending me sometimes I think people are condescending to me but maybe I am to them and they think I am anyway that's something to do what you said but great Post in this you're right

Thank you for commenting!
I believe you don't owe me anything.
Dedicate to yourself and try to see what needs to be changed for you to be better and improve. I am just here to give a hand but the work, the effort, everything is up to you. No one else. Age shouldn't define you or be an excuse. Your actions define you so be mindful of your actions. Mindset can be changed if you are willing to do so.
Be safe!

Well you did help me with something so I could actually upvote people you have a great day and enjoy your family

the blog looks great.
I like the way exxp works by leaving the blog on the site and post it to hive. I am going to activate the plugin.....thanks for the example.

Please add a blog link on the main menu of ctpblueprint, it will help folks find the blog

Thanks Andrew! Yeah still building it and thinking of a neat way to redirect to ctpblueprint and vise versa. Just glad that the pluging works now 😁 thank you for your comment!

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